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  • Thanks for being sarcastic. If you want something from me you gotta really ask for it or come and get it. I'm not nice like I used to be Cocoa man.
    Do as you will, I am more inclined to work on my bio now and look in aew at Dar's bio. I almost freaked when I saw he used both Voltaro and Sojiro
    i warned everybody already, this about more than just rping and running wild. If after all this time that is all you can muster so be it, it wont affect what I'm doing.....
    I would advise you to seriously go in on your template or upgrade and explain in further death your abilities and KG before asking for my help.
    ah I remember you know

    I always use to get you confused with Optical Justice for some reason
    lol i wont bother to simply explain how none of that makes sense, but sure dude.

    Add me on your other MSN if ya want and my cell is 1-518-337-9440.
    Uh what?? You have my cell number and have me on like every messenger there is. I see you on an you never say anything to me dude.

    There is no excuse at all.
    No. It's done. But there's supposed to be a movie telling what happened during the seven year time skip. I'm not sure if it's out already or not, cause I haven't been looking, but I'm sure there isn't going to be another season.
    Lol. Rping? Yeah. I am. I really want to start a Pokemon rp right now. So I'll probably end up doing that soon.
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