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  • hey man i won the tournament!!!!

    and would u be interested in a UU pokemon tournament that im setting up?
    actually the results are due today, so if we can battle at around 9 that would be great
    I don't think we do, i think its just for fun really, but u can ask scubasol

    aww man dont quit man, i never got to battle my 1st round opponent i really want to have this battle
    can we try to do the match on friday then?

    I gotta study for my AP exam next week
    hey it looks like ur my partner for round 2 of the pokemon tournament.

    Just tell me when ur available to battle and we can work something out
    That was fun. :3

    Sorry, I usually use my team of legendaries, so I had to put together a team at the last minute due to the uber clause.
    Hopefully we can battle again sometime when i've gotten better. :3

    Anyways, congrats!
    I hope you win the next round as well. ~
    Ah, that's right.
    I had forgotten, lol. Sorry.

    Nah, I don't need to upload it, just wanted to save it for fun. :3
    But I might put it up on youtube eventually, lol.

    Lol, it's all good then. :3

    That was fast. o.o

    Lol, Serebii.net, eh?
    I just signed up there the other day. xD

    Haha, well if you want, we can battle right now if you're ready. :3
    Oops, I almost forgot.

    Do you by any chance know how to use the Vs. recorder to record matches between friends?

    I would like to record our match, but I don't know how. :/


    I have to go take a shower, and do a few things.

    And I know you said you'd be at school until around six pm today because of driver's ed.

    So let's try and meet up around 6:30 - 7:00 pm EST. ~
    I'm sorry!
    I wasn't on the other day because I had to go shopping. >.>

    Well, i'll try to stick around khi for a while, so just let me know when you're ready to battle. ~

    Haha, thanks. :3

    Ok, Andrew...done!
    I re-registered you. :3

    Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I might not be doing a whole lot of talking during our match.

    I actually came down with a mild sore throat. :/
    Only three more days until our battle! :3

    Here's my stuff in case you didn't already add me.
    ( I already added you to my Friend Roster :3 )

    Soul Silver - 2708-3785-9570

    You can add me under the name Star. ~
    ( Haha, that's my real name, and the name of my character. ;3 )

    I added you as Ven...should I re-add you with a different name? :eek:
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