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  • It was so weird when the End did that, just popped outta nowhere, haha

    but also I heard there was a way you can snipe him while he was in his wheelchair after this one scene ends at that one warehouse
    lol I own and love FFX too. Btw, is it possible to get FFVII from Gamecrazy? It showed the game on their website and my brother said that it would be there because they still sell PS1 games. =]
    haha, I hit his ass with a grenade one time, he was on a cliff, and I was under the cliff, I just threw a grenade up and heard "UUUH!" ago down a bit, I was like hell yeah!

    also the first time I fought him, I was searching for him through my rifle scope, then I heard a noise, and the camera zoomed out of the rifle scope, and the End was just standing right behind and instantly shot and killed me...haha
    D: You have FFVII for Playstation? D: I hate you then xD
    A lot of people say that FFVII is their favorite Final Fantasy game and now I want to get it so badly lol It would also help me understand Cloud and Aerith a little better ^^
    And you should watch Advent Children. It was awesome. =]
    oh god yes, I love MGS3, and your right the End was better, it was especially harder cause of your stamina constantly going down, and plus it took place on like 3 maps...haha, it was a great fight though
    yes Sniper Wolf especially, she pissed me off alot too, haha but I still enjoyed it, cause I like sniping XD
    haha, I always set off traps, especially those claymore mines haha, even when I used the mine detector I still stepped on them...haha, but yeah the Psycho Mantis fight was great
    haha cool stuff right there, I died so many times playing that game though, mainly cause I was just reckless I guess, well at least thats what Pyscho Mantis said! XD
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