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  • The repeated theories in their base might be good. They're just repeated over and over again by people that flap their gums and nothing more.

    I know he said 10 years often enough too. But we'll see. SOMETHING has to be off there with Ienzo.
    I don't really mind the color for the Oblivion's gem as that one was actually a relation that was based and I used it for something else, namely establish Xion's looks. Not like I was using it as the basis, but rather as a "side effect" of Xion's bond.
    And it's not really that Riku gives it to Sora, but that meeting him 'wakes up' the Oblivion Keychain. Still holds though which is a good point.

    Oh mai :"3~ it seems that save for KoV and Allister everyone liked it. Have to say I'm pretty proud of that one.
    You havent made a theory this year, you should.:57:
    Anyway, I appreciate your argument but your not going to change my mind unless you give me a good reason.

    "KBL smirks":96:
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