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    Reallly? Ooo yes please big bro! will you be a mod!? :3
    If you lik you can join my site for now. I will talk with my mum about giveing you my e-mail. They dont like me e-mailing guys>< but they'v gotten better with it. But I gata ask somtimes next week.... OMG i dun wana stop talking to you either your my big bro!!!!
    Lol its alright. I leave tonight. On for today to make sure everyone is done contacting me. Sorry><
    Hey its been a while......Is everything okay? :)
    helooooooooo!whats up people?

    heeey sephy sama!genkidesuka?
    I attempted to get into the Inferno but it didn't work out to well.
    I can't commit to too many things at once. XD
    The roleplaying section, for sure.
    The people are really nice and it's a great way to have fun. c:
    I see you too, and I really like the idea of you bringing Dan back. It'd be fun to see what happens with Dan.
    I'll send you the new and old link for the thread. Here's the old one: Old link, your template is one the second page; and here's the new one: Heartsent: [A Romance RP] {OOC & Sign-up Thread}-Re-Opened.
    Yeah, it can amount from being too busy. I hope you can join back up, it'd be pretty fun to see how things would work out.
    I've been doing fine, been a little busy recently but I've been okay. How have you been? Heartsent is back up, just letting you know in case you want to rejoin.
    I've been great! I'm in college now! How have you been? And I can't wait for the release of Days tomorrow. xDDD
    Well listen... I REALLY care about you...Your like family to me so I will always worry. Im sorry about that,.,,,just know you have alot tgo live for! im sure you will find everything you want :)
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