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  • I don't really do the whole friends list thing, but it's a nice gesture, and i'm glad you don't completely hate my guts anymore.
    thanks for the rep mang.
    I know, I've seen enough to know that. :D

    i just couldn't think of a better weird thread title. There's been some crazy ones, like "A hooker with a wooden leg trying to play footsie with me" and such. I JUST WANTED TO FIT IN! *Sob*
    Ah yeah, Telescope Eyes <3 It's funny, most of the long time fans and the band itself have gotten tired of the song since it's been around for years and has at least three different versions. They toured earlier in the year and were pleased to say that they dropped TE from their playlist for once. Kinda sucked for me though since I hadn't been a fan long enough to get tired of it, but the rest of the concert made up for it :D!

    So, what have you been up to on your break?
    Awesome. It makes me happy to see you finally came around to Eisley =D

    Anyway, I'm doing alright. I'm just wasting away my Christmas break. How about yourself?
    Someone seems a little excited over such a minor accomplishment. Not only that, but he's not even the first comment.

    Also, hey there Steph. Enjoying those music recommendations?
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