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  • I feel compelled to comment after reading your posts in the Xion thread. You sir, are awesome. I bow down to your superior logic and deft ways in which you presented your comprehensive knowledge of the KH series. You would make a terrifying opponent in any debate - assuming the participants accede to the laws of rationality, of course. Reason does not any impact on one without make.
    It's beyond that. Xemnas and Terra are differently colored, but the face is pretty much identical. Piecing this together once you saw Terra's design was as easy as piecing together Sora-Roxas or Kairi-Namine, once you got over the different colors and hair-styles.
    Everything else about Ven and Aqua was feeding the flames. About the biggest twist was exactly how MX fitted into the mess, what with never being referenced in-game and only in the secret endings, and Terranort ending up calling himself "Xehanort" which indicated the old coot was in there somehow too.
    About Aqua, what irks me the most is that she effectively holds the least importance out of the three in terms of plot but is still so highly regarded by the fandom. She did what, basically? Threw Terra into the Darkness? Woopy. And made Kairi into a Wielder, but if Terra, an unofficial Master, managed to make Riku into a Wielder, I fail to see REALLY why Riku couldn't have Wield-ified Kairi when he gave her the Keyblade to wield right there and then. He's been through so much and managed to get his own Keyblade despite losing one and all that shiz, and he wielded it even after XH was pushed out of his body, showing us it really is all his - until Nomura tells us something of TerraEraqusnort was left behind. And then I'll hate him even MORE than I already do. So really; Aqua's pretty much pointless at this point to me, aside from being "the girl with Terra and Ven"

    What irks me the most about BBS is that I actually see how much of it was butchered and thrown out the window and down the drain. I stayed the hell away from trailers, so the last trailer I saw had Ven asking Aqua alone to "Erase" him, and him meeting MX in the Olympus Coliseum. Talk about two things I was ridiculously looking forward to that were just burned to a crisp, leaving Ven as an actual puppy who chases the Org members' cars and barks for attention. X_X;;;
    I have to wonder what they were thinking if at all when they took the earlier trailers and turned them into the game we know of today.

    Wait, what? Aqua really was planning to fight Terra? I hate her even more now. I don't mind her being at odds' ends with him, really. It worked wonders for Sora and Riku in KH1 if only for the sake of the eventual patch-up and one of the scenes I actually LOVED in KH2, where they were in the Dark Ocean and basically confessed to one another, lawl. Why? Because that's what the series as a whole up to that point was leading up to. They were best friends since birth, Darkness and Kairi came along, and now finally, after losing two years of their lives to Darkness, they were finally reunited and closer than ever. As cliche as it was, it couldn't have ended any other way.
    But Aqua's bi-polar. Does she believe in him? Doesn't she? Does she WANT to believe in him but sees she can't (something WE didn't see, certainly)?
    Her behavior is just all over the place and while it does have the basic makings of some wonderful inner-conflicts, none of it really exists. She's giggly and almost love-struck, until the plot oriented scenes show up and she hits her period.
    What the fawk.

    I'm seeing this and raising it to "let's go with a bang".

    Don't get me wrong, there WAS a plot. It was just a lot more self-contained than some give it credit for. There was the Memory issues with Sora and Namine and then her betrayal and the inner workings in the Organization.
    But I think you'll get my point if I said that while Zexion was plotting, Riku was emoing in his Memory Worlds, and while Larxene was FLIRTING with Axel and Marluxia, Sora was "remembering" his ideal girlfriend. It about sums it up, and the plot's ties to its "protagonists".
    Not that I minded. SoNami rules eternally and Reverse Rebirth is pure gold. But plot wise? Could've had more meat on its bones.

    I did too. Though I miss it at times, it was heartbreaking to see him grow into someone who'd sooner throw himself away if only to make a nicer picture (and him turning to walk away in the middle of KH2's SoKai reunion shows this wonderfully) for the sake of the people he cared about.
    I think neither extreme is good and am still hoping he'd grow out his suicidal tendencies, but it's a good start, I guess.

    That's also something that disappointed me in BBS. On one hand they shove how Darkness is evil and Light is supposedly good down our throats, but that's basically spitting in Riku's very character motif. Also, I don't buy Eraqus blaming wanting to off Ven and Terra on the Darkness. It's the Light that blinded him.
    But what they SAID was an insult to all of this, basically.
    But again it's in the good direction. Riku showed us Darkness =\= bad, the fairy godmother + Eraqus + Aqua showed us Light =\= good. And MX preached balance in his sick way. Let's hope they do something with it.
    I want Riku and Kairi to fight and Sora to be caught in the middle, dammit. Think of it as an alternative to what could've happened with TAV.

    The novels confirmed that Xion caused Riku's Memories to flow into Sora, as she was absorbing Riku's Memories and then they just moved in the natural cause into the person Xion was a Replica of. I think that qualifies as first-rate mayhem inducer, right there.
    I also facepalm at some of their arguments. "Of course, NOW that Xion's there, the future games will reference her, what do you expect, pfft?"
    So... you hate her because she's useless and you'll hate her once she's useful too, huh? Wow.
    This reminds me of some Kairi debates from the good old days, only I never hated Kairi for being useless. I just hate how they make her useful (kidnap the Sora-bait~). But enough of that.
    Yet more BBS frustration - as said before, BBS basically CONFIRMED IN-GAME things the FM+ implied, and that Nomura CONFIRMED in Another Report. Ven and Sora? Roxas = Ven and throw in Riku's vessel moving all over the place with XH inside it. Nothing unprecedented. Terra? The character models say all, along with the Lingering Sentiment who was ironically initially non-canon. And Aqua? ...am I the only one who thinks Xion has more likely impact on the future of the series than a girl Wielder who did nothing useful along the way sans make Kairi into a Wielder and then get herself stuck in the Realm of Darkness?
    True, she did create Castle Oblivion, but I give her about as much credit for that as I do Kairi for turning Sora back from being a Heartless. It's nothing she wanted to do, and it was borderline passive. Eraqus said to do it so she did. In a sense it gave us CoM and in a sense, I fail to "feel" the impact. Especially since how it was even possible to begin with and what's the beef with the Chamber of Repose wasn't even implied and is there to be expanded upon in future titles - but at the end it doesn't tie to Aqua herself, not half as much as Memory-mayhems tie to Xion from the basic definitions of natures and events.

    So you love BBS for explaining KH2 but hate Xion for giving us the building-blocks for the future of the series, all the while calling BBS the truly important and Days the filler game.
    Right; well, fine. Ok. I guess I have my user name color for nothing.
    Have a nice life and all that shiz. I'll be here, ignoring Kairi's existence which is easier to do while you rage and rant as Xion becomes the plot device behind 3D. Mui fun.
    1. *looks at your join date* I figured as much, ha ha C: 'tis an honor to pop your cherry~

    2. Aside from the ability to sum it up in three flashbacks or less (something that's more difficult for CoM or Days due to the various inter-character relationships that affect current day characters, as opposed to BBS that just affects plot events), and the fact that about the only thing that was really news for me was Vanitas's obvious origin and the XD-Blade I KNEW everything in the game from the FM+ and Another Report -
    The writing was terrible. Terra's like some muscle-headed idiot, Ven's an attention-whore, and Aqua's a bi-polar girl on her period whenever she runs into Terra.
    They had good character concepts for all three of them but the execution was terrible with Radiant Garden being a sort of behavioral peak for all three, from which they recovered almost instantly. Ven went back to looking for his best friends despite one of them basically telling him goodbye before heading off to die and he himself calling the other "awful", Terra proved to us what we already knew from BEFORE Radiant Garden, that Aqua had no idea what she was blabbering about in regards to him and the Darkness, and Aqua put Terra on a pedestal of Light and basically worshipped him.
    Only it all went to hell with their emos colliding and maximizing at the end of the game to make their new-found teamwork seem a lot more like "well we're about to die anyway so why the hell not" rather than three friends who's been together for years fighting together.

    It's just... bleh.

    As for CoM, personally, I don't consider its plot to be all that amazing. Riku was basically going through a sped-up version of puberty with King Disney himself being his high-school counselor, and they did in a single game for Sora and a girl we never met before what they failed to do with him and Kairi in a whole series that now spans 5 games released in English. True, the Organization had their plottings but as you yourself said, KH2 and Days as well don't give a rat's ass. What matters is the end result, Riku letting his guard down and XH making him wear the blindfold, and Sora going to sleep for a year.
    What's the difference, then? That it was written amazingly. Instead of blaming KH1's Sora on having Kairi's Heart inside him to make him give a damn about her because all we saw was a freaking 30-seconds flashback of them drawing in a cave, they basically shoved Sora's childhood down our throats - only now with Namine being in it, right next to him and Riku. You had Repliku give a damn about both Namine and Sora instead of KH1 Riku who, arguably, didn't care at all about Kairi and was only using her to hurt Sora, because Sora kept asking about her instead of worrying about Riku (again, I blame Kairi's Heart) and thus playing right into Maleficent's hands. Then you have Repliku himself and Riku's story and oh gods Riku's story. All the insight I could ever hope for a character to be. About the main difference imo between Riku's time in R-R and Xion is that Xion didn't get her own scenario. And then ironically I'd sooner compare Roxas to Sora and Xion to Namine in that regards.
    But that's part of the beauty. CoM ditched the plot and did its own thing by focusing on the characters and it was amazing. Give the right amount of plot device-ness and let the characters move the plot. Brilliantly done.

    It's just that CoM came before KH2, unlike Days, and people forget Days would sooner base Re:Coded and 3D and KH3 than KH2 so why judge based on its irrelevance to KH2 again?
    Also, from running about the fandom, it seems people care noticably less about Sora and Riku than they hype about Axel and Roxas. Thus, they care a lot more about Xion than even SoRiku fans care about Kairi's existence.
    1) You're supposed to reply to this either in the "View Conversation" window, or on my own user page. If only because then it'll notify me and I'll know to respond.
    2) I do, in fact, resent a lot in the series. KH2 is crap. Days had its flaws but being a Xion-lover, I managed to live through it. And BBS... don't get me started about BBS.
    KH1 and CoM had their structure issues too but plot and writing wise, the good outweighted the bad.
    Haha. I love you just as much, Smile :). It's just that I get totally annoyed when people bash Days for reasons they totally ignore in other games. Come on? Why not hate all the games in the series while we're at it? >_> lol
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