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  • Your first roleplay's not going to get anywhere if no one knows what's happening in it. If you start it outright, people will simply have no idea what's expected of them, what they can and can't do, and what your goals are for the roleplay. Go make a thread in the Signups and Discussion section to let people know you've got a roleplay you want to start, and give them any necessary background and current information that would be useful to them. Is this roleplay happening exactly as thought it continued from events in Kingdom Hearts, or has something happened differently in the past of the roleplay?
    Also do what you can to tell them what they might be doing - for instance, has a new enemy of the Organization emerged? Is this about the daily interactions of Organization members? No one's going to want to join your roleplay unless they know a little of what's happening in it.
    Hello! I'm Sixela! I'm A current organization member! Xemnas finally let me get a computer, so I'm signing up for a whole bunch of sites! I'm on DeviantArt, YouTube and Kingdom Hearts Wikia.
    Kingdom Hearts Wikia- Sixela
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