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  • It's a random thing.. a blast from the past as well, since this WAS my original online (on Timesplitters: FP) name. Well, on video games.. Silverman177 is still my true first, but ehh.. Oh, and it was originally created with a dose of sarcasm and overconfidence about my skill btw..
    Afro.. if you see this soon..you're changing your avatar practically everyday.. btw.. I'd drop a line in your profile, but I'm kind of lazy (and ugh.. tired) atm..
    I think I've seen better, but I guess it does fit your profile.. lol..

    Btw.. don't ask me something like that.. for future reference.. as I honestly suck at liking or hating names.. :p
    You mean the ninja monkeys? Btw.. I once saw them as someone's sig, so I searched and found it posted on Imageshack, so I used it.. so obviously, I did not make the image and I'm not one to take credit for something that isn't mine.
    Just making sure.. I'm going to try and be more active again, though it'll be semi-active. I'm just a bit more busy than usual with life.. plus, I'm with a clan on UT3, so.. yeah..
    ZionPhn: Actually, I haven't been playing it all too much during the last few days, partially because during day one of my break, I got invited to join a Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3) clan. Eitther way, so far, so good.. Larxene was a bitch to fight though. I can only imagine how much harder the second battle with her will be.

    D-Assassin: I'm not too sure, but Days/ BBS is definitely on my list, as will KH3 and TS4 (btw.. Crytek recently bought Free Radical, so not only is TS4 saved, but so is it's developer, who is now named Crytek UK.) I'm also looking forward to Infamous and Brutal Legend. (EA recently bought the rights to it/ saved it btw..) Ehh.. I need to consider more future games.. and by that, I mean ones that aren't out yet, unlike a new copy of TS: FP, Force Unleashed (I want it so much.), the earlier Ratchet & Clanks, possibly the earlier MGS/ MS4, and a mic, though I think it's best that getting the mic be at the top.

    Actually, to think about it, I didn't really like the first Resistance all too much, but I think I'll at least rent the second one and maybe Killzone 2.
    Just kinda going around asking questions, what games are you getting in later time?
    @Makumaku: Sorry I don't always get on PSN. I was actually going to get on last night, but got distracted by Re: CoM and ended up wasting a night where I actually had the online to my PS3 hooked up.. well.. sort of.. Sorry..

    @tony144: I'm glad you actually accept getting nega-repped. In the future (when the rep cycles around again), if you continue to avoid necro-posting/ spamming, you can surely expect the opposite amount of rep you just got. Actually, it'll be +1, since I've gotten a rep power since I last (nega-)repped you. Either way, -9.. 10.. :p You could soon have one more point towards getting out of the red or getting closer to the next power.. not that rep should be thought to be something important, just like post count.
    yo what's up. it's ok that you negga-repped me, i can get off topic sometimes and i need some1 2 help me with that... punishment and reward... right? that's what i always say!!!:D:D:D
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