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  • Well........good then. I am not like that, but I believe that anyone be who they are unless they want to murder or rape or steal or molest children XD
    We were going to go and see them a couple of years ago for Black Holes and Revelations but didn't have the money right then. Haarp is good.

    What do you do with yourself? Student? Work? House pet?
    well then *imagines you as a cute girl* lol will you take this my Angel? *hands you a beautiful black crystal rose*
    I haven't listened to the latest album a lot. I do like Resistance though. Have you ever seen them live? Or watched Haarp?
    I like that song. Space Dementia is one of my favourites. I like how often Muse songs turn up in adverts. Or did at least, I don't see them often.
    I thought you didn't like fire. I guess if someone's taking care of you it's ok. We spend most of our time doing the same.
    I meant to mention as well, is that in your sig Muse-based, or just a general thing?
    I barely watch TV. The only thing I make a point of seeing is Doctor Who. So much win. I love my music though. Yay metal.
    What kind of music do you like?
    EVs are easy, I think if you have something else you can do at the same time. Listening to music helps.
    I'd like to battle online. All I can battle now is my kitty and my friend who also plays =[
    Yeah, the small avvie's a pain in the ass. I don't like this whole premium/platinum member thing, though.
    I know how to do it, I just do it wrong. And I think I knwo the site, yeah. I think I'll just get an adapter to make things easier, and save messing with the router too much.
    IVs are too much hassle for me. I can live without touching them happily enough.
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