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  • *casts Aeroga on myself, before hurling my keyblade, using Fire Raid* Sorryz for the delay! ^^;
    Alright! :3 *takes a stance and then strikes at you, using a similar technique to Saix* >:3
    Well then, let's enjoy the end of your summer! :D *summons a keyblade* How about a duel? >XD
    Oh that sounds like it'll be fun. As for getting it up by monday and Tuesday, that's fine with me. Like I said previously, no rush. ^^;
    Just checking in if there's any progress on your character for my rp, Digimon: The Last Hope. I'm not rushing you or anything, but the rp will start this upcoming Wednesday, so I'm just checking in to see how far you are from completing it.
    Yep. ^^ I guess it would break the mold of "male main character" that is so overused. There are plenty of twists and turns, and expect it to be emotional as well as epic. :3 I got some work ahead of me! ^^;
    Well, the general idea (very general xD) is that it takes place on a different planet, where humans escape to after Earth is destroyed. They decide to abandon technology, and revert to a near Middle-Ages society. The world is full of mysterious things, following different rules from our world. (magic) The villain is a man who refused to give up technology, became a mechanical being (Think General Grievous from Star Wars, but with a personality more like Xehanort). He gets sealed away, and years later a group is trying to gain control of his power for their own ends. The main character, a girl named Aurora, is dragged into the conflict and... yeah. That just barely dives into it at all. xD;
    Thanks! :) Yep, sometimes a little bit of thinking time helps. :3 My other idea is a science-fiction/fantasy. ^^;
    That's cool. :3 Things have been going pretty well for me. Oh, well... I decided to put the dragon one on hold first. xD; The plot needs more time to be thought through. I turned instead to another of my ideas.
    xD lol, its ok. :) ------ Oh that cool! ^^ Have lots of fun! Tell her I said Happy birthday lol. x3 For me its just enjoying the nice weather. :3
    That's good ^^ I've been good, enjoying my ps3 xD I've got decent internetz now, so I'm great! :D
    Yeah, I kind of got a bit lost in the Keyblade War, and I think I jumped back in okay... xD At least you know your character is in good hands. Hopefully you can come join us again. ^_^

    1.5 should be awesome- the HD looks great, and being able to see 358/2 cutscenes will be awesome, too. :)
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