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  • Every Wednesday and Saturday in game time hehehe

    San Andreas was pretty awesome if I say so myself.

    Also, sup sexy.
    Hehe I don't try to piss off many <_< they actually seemed to be the average spammers; not just targeting me specifically since they spammed visitor messages to several other members (and spammed my FC as well). If anything I try to stay out of trouble XD the best to my abilities anyway.
    Haha actually that was a precautionary measure. You see a member (and a couple more actually) decided to raid mine, and others pages and post spam, about 25 messages worth. So after I deleted them he came back with a new account and tried it again; this time I was around and I thwarted his advance. But in the process I had to turn my visitor messages to friends and admins only, hence the reason you couldn't post.

    My apologies.
    My lovely John-face and nobody's commented you yet. Ten minutes into my registration and I got bitches trying to figure out who I am by scanning my profile.

    Love you bitch.
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