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  • Yeah, I know. people are always looking for something to blame, well, after all, it's in our nature to destroy ourselves. :)
    I don't think so, I think it depends on that person, whether he or she is violent, but it has nothing to do with video games, I say I blame it on the genes of today's generation. well anyway, I've played video games when I was just a kid, was I violent? no, I wasn't violent at all. playing games gave me a since of freedom and it sorta gave me ideas who I wanna be as a person. those people who say's that violent games makes kids violent are just tight assed. xD

    what about you? were you violent when you played video games? if not, that will be the answer friend. :)
    Dude... now were both really excited about it. *Clapping Cheerfully* xD

    It's just soo AWESOME!!! Kh rules!
    Hmm... I see. cool bro. :)

    Hell yeah I will, can't wait! I never got the chance to play the first Kh game and I'll finally got the chance to play it when it comes out, no idea when though? so I'm pretty excited about it. XD

    what about you excited? of course you are. :)
    Were on the same page dude, The sims is absolutely the best, well, my Xbox is sorta broken but it still works. it's good to know you'e been playing alot of games which puts me in a good mood. also you gotta get an Xbox soon. cause it's a must have! :)
    Well, I play the sims 3 on pc, Gears of war 3 on Xbox 360, wwe'13 on ps3. I guess that's about it. (I think) :)

    what about you?
    Good to know Rob. :)

    Yes, I've played the series before, but it was a long time ago when I first played Sonic. I don't own any Sonic games yet, I do wanna own a Sonic game. can you recommend what Sonic I should buy? it would really help me out. :)
    Hmm... well, there are two final fantasy games I've played but never gotten to finish them yet, one is XIII-2 and the other one hmm... lost it, but i'll find it later. :)

    also can't remember what's it's called. Lol. :)
    Hmm... so your stuck facing the boss in yen sid tower, and can't remember what is called, hmm.. I maybe able to help you on what's it's called.
    well the world is Symphony of Sorcery, I think that's what you meant, if not sorry.

    Try your best beating the Spellican alright. that Dream Eater is pretty tough, but I bet you'll do just fine. :)
    Cool, finally got your new memory card, nice! now you'll be playing dissidia 012. AWESOME!!! I've never played final fantasy 8 before, is it fun? I bet it is. now for Kingdom Hearts 3D dude you gotta finish it. it's just AWESOME!!! also, it's good to know your doing fine. :)

    Well I'm doing pretty AWESOME!!! myself today, having the time of my life! :)
    It's actually an Adventure Time parody of a manga... it's really weird, and I forget the name. The protagonist is some orange spikey haired dude who loves flowers, cries a lot and plays a pink recorder.

    ... It's kinda weird, lol
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