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    Smackdown vs Raw 2009

    Anyone like this game besides me? If so what do you think of the game. Any changes that you would like to make? Just post them down and let the topic arise.
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    Luxord, so confusing and annoying. I found it hard to kill him while being a die, but thats just me.
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    Other then those stated, I dont think so
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    Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

    Unless they make a deal with a company or something in America. That would be mega cool on an iphone.
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    New 5 Seconds Of 358/2 Days

    Ha its like a drug huh? Everytime you get it you just keep craving more. Not that I know how that feels like... lol jk.
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    New 5 Seconds Of 358/2 Days

    Nice, ha yah all they want is our money in our pockets really. They dont care about the customers just the money that the customers have,lol,jk. Well that might be true, guess it depends who you are talking to?
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    Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

    ....my dad is the one that dropped me:lol:
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    Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

    Ha once again very nice. You must pay attention a bit to all the games and whatnot. I try to but my attention span is like 2 seconds so I would just get bored and go on here again *sigh* Why did I have to dropped on my head?
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    Nice Job thanks for the recap about everything, now im caught up with game after being gone for so long.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread I cant wait for this game either, I dont know why since I have already played through the original and know fully what happens but I guess its just awesome that it will be on a bigger system format
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    How long did it take you to beat KHII?

    Ha between 20-25 hours with the exception of just beating the game and not going back to get 100%. It took me about 95 hours of gameplay to get 100% cuz I suprisingly had a lot of the journal done already by the time I played through again
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    Kingdumb hearts spoof.

    Appearantly to him but I guess everyone else has their own taste to whats funny and not, but still...it is pretty bad
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    Re: COM

    Re: COM Maybe they didnt want to cuz then we would might want the first Final Mix and then they have to produce a whole other game due to popular demand. Just a possibility though...
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    Kingdumb hearts spoof.

    Ha yah what Hamster Lord said those are pretty funny
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    About Re:CoM

    Like everyone else has already said, they probably will. Since Disney is in America I guess that they might not want one of there games to have cursing in it but who knows?