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  • Well it’s true.

    It’s okay, I don’t mind at all. I was honestly expecting her to be hostile on it, and it’s nothing new for Nana.
    I'm definitely not opposed to either if were being honest here xD

    I have something snarky in mind for both Dante and our stalker that's better at stalking than Trace is lol.

    Its buggy, but it's not really a possession, it was more of a forceful consent using their blood to send Anti(whole) and Vi's consciousness (wouldn't work if she was awake).
    Dante can move just fine. It will be a lot later when Trace can use possession similar to the heartless itself from the games.

    I'm waiting for that punch btw ")
    I set up a series of decisions to make.
    Purg made one to help Cal without me saying to lol.
    Anti wasn't to be trusted and that's why vi is there.
    Hey just to give you a bit of a rundown on my post, highlight the black after you've read it lol.

    the idea comes from DDD when Riku jumps into Sora's head to fight nightmare ventus, but done using my hyrbid's ability of possession. Trace is pretty much trying to help Cal tame Dante, but it requires Dante to be active. Essentially what this means is your heartless is actually going to be put into a position of making an active decision to protect you, from my heartless who's trying to eat her lol.

    Alsoooo the kiss was just for dramatic effect, once you took in Trace's blood the time limit to possess Calpurnia/Send Anti into her heart started. I just thought it was devious to do ;)
    Ari: Yeah I like them for the most part, the eldest out of us is the leader and the strongest. I just get frustrated at times because it seems like I’m only ever seen as part of the whole and not as myself. Um, sorry... I didn’t mean for that to come out.
    Ari: My siblings for one. Also probably making sure that my goals get reached, and petting any random animal I see.
    Ari: *still petting Sparky* I wouldn’t say flippant, it’s more of unsure given the fact I don’t know what you want from me.
    Ari: I’m sorry, I’m not used to others treating me the way you’ve been.

    And Ari’s not used to people treating him decently.
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