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  • I prefer cloud because he's a reference to the ShinRa company in FF7 and in that thread... your supposed to rate the text below 'Shinra'
    What's Gentlemans aliance? Sounds interesting. Shojo beat manga is ok. Btw have they made anymore magazines of shojo beat cause I use to get them.. I like the Cain one but forgot what it was entirely called. Not sure how I miss it.. Will have to look watch it again to see her in the witch costume ^^ lol.
    Btw I got to go, so talk to you later? ^^ sorry would like to have been on longer but got to go.
    I like Zelda, FMA (full metal alchemist), fruits basket, vampire knight, and a few others that I have randomly.

    She was dressed up as a witch! O.O how did I miss that? Oh what about the one with those girls from another school making her sing then ending of that episode was hilarious ^^

    Your welcome.
    Ok that's great ^^

    I know but still Tamaki has his funny moments :) the twins fight was awesome but I like the Halloween episode too! I felt bad for Kaoru at the end then for him to feel worse in Bossa Nova episode to realize Tamaki never meant the whole family carriage thing.

    Ok, btw you could probably find it online. But it only goes up to like 13 and they haven't made more in awhile... But there's also Demon Diary that one pretty good too. Some bits are funny but it's a finish series :) goes up to 7. Well good luck.

    Also have you seen oh my goddess?

    What else do you like besides Ouran host club?
    Hello :) and thanks.

    Yup that episode made me lol. I like the twins to but I like Tamaki alot. He's just so funny. Um my favorite would have to be ..the one where Tamaki becomes friends with Kyouya. And the episode with Mori gets an apprentice. But all of them are really good and funny.

    I know this is kind of weird how I started bombing you with questions but um.. Wanted to.. be friends.. With you.. And didn't know what else to talk about.. ^^

    Yeah D.N. Angel good but not really funny like Ouran host club.
    Hello =)

    So what do you like about Ouran high school host club? Like who is your favorite character? What's your favorite epsiode? And have you watch d.n.angel? Or read it?
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