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  • also, I made you a moderator on the chat just in case I don't make it there lol
    The link works I guess, my friend saw you on it, just need to get it to work for me lol all good?
    sorry, lol I don't accept friend invites on here. Nothing to do with you. Just VM me whenever you wanna talk.
    Yo Pedro, hope your weekend was good! We actually had over 6 people playing Mario Kart 7 which was quite an improvement. I also need to request that you change my MK7 nick name to Mac. If you could do that it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Hey pedrocs21, can you add me to the thread? My 3DS friend code is: 1461-6626-5698. And my nickname is: Soso.
    Would you mind using a smaller signature please? Either use one of the two that you're using or just pick something else.
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