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  • It's not just their appearance, but their utility. In some games like ARK, they breathe ice, poison and lightning, a far cry from the classic "fire". Yeah, X and Y weren't the best for the franchise, there's nothing to do postgame besides raise a competitive team. France isn't the ideal place for a pokemon game, still waiting for Africa or one where you time travel to different eras. I can say Ultra Sun is a bit more "solid" with providing more mon's to catch, and a few fan favorites making a generous return. Since i raise competitive mons (or used to) it's great to have a game with so many options.
    I like how his design is more based around Wyverns as opposed to the classic dragon and has the typing flying/dragon instead of the other way around. Its a shame fairy was introduced, because noivern's defenses are quite lacking. So I take it you've got Ultra sun or ultra moon or at least X and Y, because of the fact it appears in those games.
    Noivern eh? hearing that name reminds me of my Y version playthrough. Loved using Hurricane on it against my friends, truly decimated their teams. While not my favorite pokemon (that honor goes to Mamoswine) it's always got a special place on my teams.
    Yes, love for him is rather rare, but there are some big Vanitas-fans on this site, luckily :)
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