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    Birth By Sleep Version Differences?

    The PS4 version is the Final Mix which adds a bunch of extra things like an extra chapter after you finish the 3 character scenarios + the epilogue, extra bosses/keyblades, a few extra cutscenes and balance changes throughout the entire game. The Final Mix came after the English release...
  2. Noivern

    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    I'm going to write a few thoughts on MoM and my response to the initial feedback I've seen, but I did not read the whole thread yet so I'm not up to date with the discussion. 1. Kairi is getting sidelined again for no real reason. Xehanort himself comments on her strenght and while she is...
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    In Regards to the 'World Order'

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I know they changed their stance and started to push more rules on Squênix. It's just that I find it most likely that the original reason is simply to make it easier to write the plot, for the very same reasons you stated. It also makes sense in the overall narrative...
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    In Regards to the 'World Order'

    I don't think it's actually on Disney's side, it's just a very convenient excuse to keep the plots self-contained because it would be waaay too much work to handle things otherwise. It makes it much more easier to write a (somewhat) cohesive story with different worlds when each of them is self...
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    Vanitas Question

    I'm not wrong. Neither were complete because they had other people's hearts filling up for them. That's not being complete, that's just a bandaid, lol.
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    Vanitas Question

    He was brought back from his prime. But he was incomplete in BBS without Ventus, and thats what he is most likely refeering to. Vanitas never got to be a complete being with a finished heart, althought he apparently could function without Ventus unlike the other way around. Still, that...
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    Vanitas Question

    From what I understand their hearts came from their prime, they just have a updated memory with what happened after (Which they'll forget when they are sent back in time after their defeats). Vanitas just wanted scream energy because yada yada energy yada yada analogy to unversed which are...
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    Do You Want To See More 2D Worlds?

    .. You know. As someone who's been following this forum for a few years (I've been stalking for longer than I've been a member myself), I can't help being amused at so many people wanting to see worlds like Agrabah brought back after so many complaints that they were tired of seeing it, lol...
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    Wha happened to Dark Road

    I figured DR is going to bring a lot of new players/followers as the marketing towards "Xehanort's Story" is more appealing than the years old X saga, which a lot of people are still ignoring to this day. So just to add up to what was already mentioned: get used to waiting a bit for updates...
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    What level should you be on in each game

    Honestly, on normal you can finish both games by level 3x quite easily, really. But if you are going for 100% you will end up at roughly 40~50x for KH1 and 50~60x for 2. If you actually want to defeat the hidden bosses like Sephiroth or do the Org Fights in the Cave of Remembrance on 2 then...
  11. Noivern

    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Intro Video?

    I doubt Hikki would be willing to do anything of the sorts, just getting her to do two songs for KH3 was problaly a lot of effort lol I would love a more classical rendition of face my fears, thought. I absolutely hate the skrillex collab.
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    Thoughts if Vanitas were to get some kind of 'redemption arc' later on?

    By Birth by Sleep, Vanitas was my favorite character. That version of him, with the backup from the novels, felt reeeally cool to me. I would have loved to see that version be developed enough to get some sort of redemption. Not necessarily joining the main characters, but obtaining his own...
  13. Noivern

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Darkness Makes a Move

    Eraqus was quite literally bathed in Light with no hint of Darkness in him and was still a tragic hero-turned-villain in BBS for both Ventus and Terra's routes. The Foretellers are also another case to be made. So I don't think they necessarily intend to do that. @ Thread If my theory of...
  14. Noivern

    Well-Rounded Characters in KH

    I'm sorry but I don't agree with you in the slighest, lol. We got to see PLENTY of Riku, he's very charismatic in both CoM and 3D. In 3 his arc is more so finished, but as boring as his role in that game was, it makes sense that he's more calm as he's an accomplished master now. In BBS we...
  15. Noivern

    Nomura shares message and new artwork for KH Union X's 5th anniversary

    Out of all of the characters this franchise has wasted, no one deserves to be brought back more than this little girl. An amazing design with interesting character concept killed off in like 5 minutes to develop her brother. Such a waste.