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  • lol nor can i but im probably not getting it till later cause all the money i was saving up for it has to go for my new phone since mine broke and i dont even have a psp yet! luckily it comes out near my bday so we ll see lol.
    And I'm getting Dragon Quest 9 tomorrow! YAAAAAAY! :p
    Like my new profile picture? nI made it myself *KHI staff shoots me* OK IM SORRY! I got it from their avi section. Its just so epic!
    its a she and yeah but she has a heavy accent lol. we have her read twilight and we tell her when shes pranouncing something wrong.
    lucky. im doing nothing. i justc have a forign exchange student from spain.
    Lol, if they had cancelled it, we would have a KH3 trailer by now >.<
    But it still looks awesome tho :D
    XD I haves myself the DSi... traded in my DS lite for it. Best decision ever. lol.
    And I got Wind Waker today :O
    It's amazing!
    I'm so glad they're redoing Re:coded's battle system like BbS. I love BBS' battle system (well i havent played it, but im dying to, lol)
    And ik! This fall is going to be awesome! BbS, Re:coded and 3DS? Yes! XD
    XD animal crossing is amazing :)
    And I'm playing Ocarina right now on Gamecube (well, really on Wii, but whatever lol) so I dont think I need another copy to play. :/
    And Re:Coded is supposed to come out this fall.
    Skyward Sword looks amazing :D
    And are you getting Ocarina of Time 3D? Idk if im getting it yet or not...
    But I do need KH3D, Kid Icarus, and Animal Crossing. :D
    Lol, you can see the trailer on YouTube >.<
    And my avatar comes from the trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising for... 3DS! XD
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