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  • You're at band camp?
    I'm going to band camp this coming month, already getting prepared for 6am wake-ups and 8 hour hot days in the sun~
    Nope. I personally don’t believe in having somebody take the front lines if I willingly put myself there to begin with. Thankfully that thread isn’t what I expected it would be(not up in flame). You can post to the thread if you want but please don’t go in on my defense.

    Politics are a very dangerous territory. No matter where you are you ultimately get scared on how others will react. Even at home. Haha, I remember when I didn’t care and just spoke my mind and the entire classroom was up in flames yelling at me. Good times.

    Yeah I usually go for the paint path, too. For the longest time though I never figured out how to redeem the clock tower, but I do now. I also didn't know that there is a lock on feature for the longest time.
    I'm aware of how your actions affect the tracks (like bells added to the dark beauty theme if you use paint) in all level, I prefer to go the purest route and stick with paint all the way through, I'm not one for senseless destruction.
    Yeah horror's not my genre of choice either, bad experiences with it and all that. I might try to platinum until dawn one day if i ever get it, but i'm waiting for the most opportune time. If other people find it fun to scare themselves stupid, who am i to judge?

    Ah controversial subjects, not even on KHI are you safe from it. Truth be told I try to dance around the subject when I can, essentially becoming a third party in a war between both sides. I've learned that you have to watch what you say in this world, because you never know what can strike the wrong cord. Believe me, I've had a lot of experience with that negative side after trying to become the president of the dive club, (should've picked my speech carefully that day). I briefly glanced at the thread when I first woke up, do you want me to try and fish you out? remedy the situation?
    I forgot about Dark Beauty castle It's one of the most hauntingly beautiful areas in the first game, but to see it designated to a mere tutorial level is just sad. They make it seem like the entire castle came down but it's still barely standing. Heck, if they wanted, they should've made the epilogue revolve around fixing the castle. THAT would've redeemed the game, since the earthquakes stopped it won't crumble anymore, so you and the gremlins could go fix it back up to it's painted state. Oh, I forgot about that, why wasn't everything put back to the way it was, with all the paint parts returning to cover the inert sections? the reason Wasteland looked the way it did in the first game made sense, but the 2nd uses the earthquakes as the almighty evil.

    Bendy and the Ink Machine eh? that thing's still around isn't it? admittedly I never played the game, but it looks similar to the epic Mickey style.
    But you've got to admit, pete was right about them never knowing what was going to hit em, because he could never act to begin with!
    In all seriousness, i hated Epic mickey two. Instead of just fixing the camera (which as the ONLY issue stopping it from being a good game) they decided to add voice acting, musical numbers, and multiplayer. But all we wanted was a game exploring forgotten disney characters, and we received what we didn't want. The voice acting was very irritating, especially the train conductor (Hey Mickey! these beeteworx are crazy!) and gus reminding you to do something every single second. I kid you not, you can beat that entire game in 8 hours, it's that simple. The ONLY things that i thought were great editions was the usage of the cinema for teleporting to areas and the fact that you only needed to purchase a sketch once and never again. Though i guess it was a blessing they never finished the trilogy, because Warren Spector was going to make 3 into a full blown musical.
    Oh my god, I LOVED THE EPIC MICKEY GAMES! back in the day when it came out in 2010 that was all i played. The first one was fantastic! Never in my life did i think i'd ever find another person who played it! Then the sequel came out and the entire series went belly up, wasn't pleased about that.

    As for other games, i branch out to a lot of different consoles, but i mainly stick to nintendo and PS4. You're already aware of my exploits in KH but i'm no one trick pony. I've beaten and platinumed assassin's creed origins, Far cry primal and Yooka Laylee just to name a few. As for multiplayer games I don't have a lot of em, but i do play them occassionally with a sibling. We're currently about to beat Baldur's gate: dark alliance (which is basically an action adventure dungeon crawler) on the PS2, which isn't the easiest game to deal with. Other than that it's mainly PS4 titles for the glorifying platinums that come from it.
    So yeah, All the epic mickey games and kingdom hearts titles completed, among other games.
    Ah, graduation requirements, hearing that takes me back to the good old days of high school. you had to have SO many hours of community service in order to get your aquaculture certificate (somewhere around 200) and everyone panicked that it was the benchmark, but you only needed about 50 to graduate, which was nice. I think i lucked out graduating when i did, because they began to crack down on more requirements for the next generation. Student led conferences, stricter deadlines, the works. It's a shame too, I loved high school with all my heart.

    As for the next topic of discussion, I'm at an impasse. Any other games you like aside from kingdom hearts??
    Eh, you just have to get creative with its usage, take me for example. When i'm home, i use it excessively, to the point where I rarely use my hands. A lot of materials i need to write or research are conveniently on the floor near my desk, so they're always in arms reach.

    It's okay to be undecided for now, but try to narrow it down before college, otherwise your orientation will involve a lot of majors hounding you to join them. Since i knew what i wanted to do, it wasnt much of an issue, so give it some thought.

    Eh, I'd love to live near mountains because of the chill factor, but right now i live near the water at sea level. I'm aware of the fact that government property forbids the collection of fossils, HOWEVER i can try to get a collectors license when i'm older, which would allow me to branch out. One of my primary destinations to go when i'm older is the peace river in florida. Normally, you're only allowed to collect the shark teeth there (there is so many of them, so they're fair game) but with a permit, i can collect mastodon, tapir, camel, whale, and other fossils of larger creatures.
    My hobbies? aside from platinuming PS4 games there isn't much i do. I collect rocks and fossils whenever i find them, though since i live in a state where such things are scarce (my state fossil isn't even tangible) I often have to resort to shelling out cash to add to my collection. It isn't so bad though, i was able to find real mammoth ivory for $8 an ounce at a scrimshaw shop, quite the steal if i do say so myself.

    Let's see what else? ah! it's not so much a hobby, more of a talent, but i'm able to pick up anything the size of a tennis ball with my toes. Wierd i know, but anyone can do it with practice. I began doing it to pick up my dog's toys (because she's a semi retriever, she doesn't let go of the things she brings) practicing on the soft balls and hard ropes by carrying them around the house. gradually i got better, branching out to the point I can open doors and reflexively move things up towards my hands in a bending motion. Though I will say, it's not useful with shoes on obviously.

    Potential career? i'm a bio major trying to get my bachelors degree so I can do lab work. Since it's such a hard subject (only 40% of students are able to make it through the first required class for reference) there isn't much competition. Plus, I've always had an interest in this kind of stuff. I wanted to be a paeleontologist, but there are so few jobs out there and if I did find one, i'd be put in a mine or an oil field to educate workers where to dig for their respective item, not what i would've wanted to do.

    What about you?
    Dont worry about it Meow Wow, it happens to everyone, i remember when i did it. Heck some experienced people on here still make that little slip, no harm done,

    yeah, you don't want heat stroke, it's a very deadly affliction caused by overexposure to the sun (or another hot object, like a lamp). It brings forth a plethora of maladies, but one of the biggest ones is that it makes you faint. If you don't get out of the sun in a certain amount of time, you're going to die, no doubt about it. Matter of fact i believe thats the major form of death in desert areas.

    Ah, i remember when i joined this site as a lowly heartless, with that name appropriately beneath this classic emblem enemy. When it changed into nobody, I felt distraught, as this means i have to keep posting till i'm considered a bronze member. And yes, i believe Organization member is the next step up,
    Oof. I've never had a heatstroke before. Doesn't sound like fun.

    I feel ya on the lack of snow. My state is very bipolar when it comes to weather. Some years it snows until May and others, like this year, it barely snows at all. On top of that we're in a heat wave, so with the fires, no wind, and low humidity, it's making everything hotter and drier. So then more [man made] fires show up because they break the law and build fires, go shooting, or throw cigarette ashes and/or butts out wherever.

    Change of subject, dream eater is now under my name. I will cherish this before I become an Organization Member(that's the next one, right?)
    I know a lot of people wish to have a birthday like mine, it's over the summer, so you always have it off from school, and you can use your pool if you have one. But the scorching heat isn't all it's cracked up to be. Because of global warming, my summers last longer and the chance of snowfall is delayed year after year. Then there's heat stroke, which is never fun.
    Ah, that's good, glad to hear!

    My favorite boss would have to be the Dark thorn in KH 2, the reaction commands in the ballroom make it memorable. he throws you to a pillar to incapacitate you? just return the favor with slingshot and end the fight with a corkscrew finish!

    Wildfires eh? Don't have any of them where i live. I take it you live on the west coast then, Personally, i can't stand the heat, i'm more inclined to be in a cold, frigid environment, which is ironic when you consider the fact that i was born IN the summer. My allergies flare up in the summer, particularly when everything blooms at once.
    Hello Meow Wow, I see you don't have many conversations on here, Well I think I'll start one, how are you? What's your favorite boss in KH? enjoying your summer so far?
    hey meow! How you doin? This is probs my last convo before I go offline 4 the summer...
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