• As we all know, this is a forum for Kingdom Hearts. Even so, if anybody posts spoilers for Endgame anywhere on this site without spoiler tags, you will be banned. If you change your avatar to something related to Endgame, you will be banned. If you put something in your signature, send a message to somebody that is visibly seen, or share spoilers with somebody who does not wish to see them, you will be banned.

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  • Hey Master Exin, letting you know I closed your Digimon thread because we already have a thread for it here that you can post discussion topics in.

    In the future please be sure to check if a topic you want to discuss already exists or not. Your Transformers thread seems more okay since you're talking about the cartoon series and not the movies, which we already have a thread for.
    Hey there!

    I moved your posts into the official birthday thread here. You'll be on the last page of the thread and I'll update the thread with your birthday. :D
    Will you be writing the Book I: Fragmented Keys soon? I saw your thread and I'm really excited to read your story! :D So please let me know when you do!
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