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    Its been a while, hello guys

    Hi everyone, I use to come to this place a lot a few years back. My previous better known username was R1KU. I remember having a lot fun times here speculating on KH2 and all. I remember a lot of good people from back than too. I dont know how many of them are still around. I lost interest in...
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    Super Meat Boy

    Old School games return. Apparently Super Meat Boy is somewhat like a Super mario bro plat-former that is supposedly extremely difficult. (Note how both share SMB as abbreviations) z5LiCHs6DWU Discuss.
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    Hall of Video Game Fame

    Most video games come with challenges that test the abilities of veterans. This thread will be an account of such achievements. For example the low level FF12 challenge, Foxhound rank in MGS3 and whatnot etc. So, what thave you achieved?
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    Cannabalism - Always a no?

    so kiddies what about it? do you think cannibalism under any circumstance is unjustified or wrong? or is there certain times when eating another human can save your life, that justifies it? lets suppose, you're stranded in a jungle along with a few other people. You have no food and one of the...
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    Final Fantasy XII: Aftermath. (A Masamune & Vossler Collab)

    I promised Vossler this a long time ago..... sorry I took so long to finish. ______________________________ The war between Dalmasca and Archadia plays a pivotal role in Ivalice’s history. It perhaps is a surprise to some, while a moral for others. Not only did the tiny kingdom of Dalmasca...
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    lol, kay...... we have one for pictures. 3HM9tyNkUAg
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    yeah dunno where else to post this...................... so. I want to download a blu-ray release of an anime and I wanted to know, does it need some specifically high specs to play? or can it be played by a decent computer? I have a p4 laptop, not to sure about the specs though. Edit: Crap...
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    Bleach : Crossroads (Redo) (Positions Open) (WE NEED VIZARD/ARRANCAR)

    Masamune and Dawning Twilight present... Bleach: Crossroads Its time to find out who we really are Always Joinable. Click here to join. ___________________________________________________ Shinji had given orders for the emergency meeting and as expected, all the captains had assembled in...
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    Bleach : Crossroads (Redo) (Positions still open) (WE NEED ARRANCAR)

    Okay the first time this died out, mostly because of my lack of activity. Now I find I will be able to give this the attention this deserves so please join. Masamune and Dawning Twilight present... Bleach: Crossroads Its time to find out who we really are Always Joinable...
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    ehm, about the downloads section

    yeah so, I understand that its not actually part of the forum but how do i actually register or whatever in order to download mp3's???
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    Immortality is just another 20 years aways. Immortality discussion.

    Interesting. Though I think that we will all fucking die, and technology will be the cause of it. So my fellow friends, the question really is Is immortality a good thing? Discuss. _________ Source
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    What would you do if you broke up with the person above you?

    so.... what would you do if you woke up one morning to find the person above you in bed with you????
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    The meaning to life

    What is the meaning to life? <---- clicky err, very interesting read. discuss. and something else which I found hilarious on the same site. Where do babies come from? <----- clicky
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    Lit ► Sydney Sheldon

    Yeah.... so does anybody else like his books. I have read a few so far and have enjoyed each and every one.
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    ps2 disk prob

    ..... so. Recently my ffxii disk stopped working. Whenever I play it, my damn ps2 says to please insert a ps or ps2 disk. My ffxii is indeed a genuine ps2 disk. Other games work fine so its just this one. I take great care of the game and it bears only minor scratches. I am very...