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  • well at school for us. im gonna make my hair black and wear make it and im gonna post pics of it. wanna see?
    I made on of those signature shops, and im getting ready for emo day on monday.
    Emo day = you turn emo for a day.
    but you were controlling Chaos' character you can't do that unless Chaos relinquished control of his characters over to you... edit your post... now!
    hey you were tsuki remember? you wern't supposed to control Chaos' character.... that's god-modding...
    okay... here it is...

    Why did this happen to me? Why of all people did it have to be me?
    It all started the year I graduated from grade nine.

    "Renn! I got a letter from Grandma for you!"

    "Okay dad! I just got back from my exam! Sheesh."

    And it was a tough one to boot. I thought as I grabbed the letter from his hand.

    When I opened it up a large amout of money and a plane ticket to Tokyo fell out.
    I put them both on my desk and opened up the folded piece of paper that was the letter
    It read:
    Dear Renn,
    I'm sorry to say this but by the time you read this this letter
    you would've known that I would've died...

    Renn had known this because he went to his Grandmother's funeral three years ago

    As my last wish I have used the last of my savings to
    perchase that ticket and obtain the money that came with this letter,
    Use the money as you wish when you reach Japan.
    I want you to meet someone there first.
    The plane you'll be taking is at the Calgary international Airport leaving at 3:30 PM your time tomorrow.
    When you arrive at the airport take the #72 bus to this adress:
    4760 Sakura lane S.E
    There you'll find out more and someone will be there to help.
    I hope you find what you wish for
    Grandma Highberg.

    Looks like I'll have to miss my awards Ceremony at school tomorrow... oh well I'm going to the place I always wanted to go...

    "Hey dad! Can you drive me to the Airport tomorrow?"

    "Sure why?"

    "I'm thinking Grandma is sending me to an expensive school in Japan!"

    "BBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOO-YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Renn is leaving! Renn is finally leaving!"

    "Dad! I heard that!"

    "oh...sorry... hahaha."

    Little did Renn know he was in for a big surprise... An unexpected one at that...
    yeah... well the anime I just showed you.. I'm writing a 5 chapter fanfiction based in the same school... I'm introducing two new characters into the story... Rika-chan AKA: Me! and her Jr: Kira Harada... you think that sounds good?
    already read it up to volume 10 I loved it when she was wearing that Yukata Mei made for her...
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