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  • Nooooooo!* embarrassed* Pokemon as well! how did I not know that?! It sure look's like a noise though....
    Oops XD the latter being much cooler of course; I must have food on the brain lol. Well at least I know your avatar is from TWEWY (if not, I'm highly embarrassed).
    Lol I needed it! *suppresses finny fun feeling*......and just out of curiosity why are you named after one of my all time favorite ice creams? XD
    Pretty good :) I was having one of my "relax day's" today, so unfortunately nothing exhilaratingly exciting XD
    Well I don't know about full, but I should be able to sleep it off XD

    Great! talk to you soon! :)
    Lol then i'm just plain lucky, but your forgiven ;)

    Oh dear i've just realised how late it is my end :( we can continue chatting tommorow right?
    Well I am still recovering from the shock you gave me when "that song" appeared XD *twitches*
    Lol of course XD Anyone who doesn't appreciate KH2 my friend are just missing out on a good thing.
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