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  • Oh I love them!

    Maria+Holic was full of familiar voices. :D

    I don't really like how it ended, though. It left me with a "Well, now I feel like I wasted time... :c" feeling.
    You should definitely give art a go if you love it. Judging from your graphics, you certainly have an eye and passion for art. Are you taking art courses at school? I think some middle schools offer them so you can get some early Fine Arts credits and it'll probably make school loads easier~

    Speaking of career like stuff-
    /no one brought up career like things, dipshit

    We had career day Friday. My top ten result s pretty much were all forms of a therapist, and my number one match was a rehab counselor.
    Everyone's reaction? "lol but wouldn't you be the one getting out of rehab?"
    /I don't do drugs btw
    /snuffs substance in self pity

    Jeezuz everything I type is like a walllll. xwx
    Oh, well, see. It's a really long, epic tale.

    It all started one night when I went to a concert. There I was abducted by an angry hobo that thought I was his former wife, and it all got even worse after that after he decided to get in the car and run from the police by scaling the country. We got the idea to start a band: I played the cardboard guitar, and he played the sound of crunching plastic cups.We became an instant hit in the sewers where rats would scurry to watch us. But one day I got the grand idea to escape, and it worked because he was too drunk to notice.

    I slowly and steadily earned working as a bartender up ground, and I hoped to one day get enough money to buy a plane ticket home. I currently reside in an internet cafe, hiding from the hobo who scales bars looking for me.

    TL;DR: Shit just got worse, bro.

    /oh me and my crackho ways

    new years pressie 4 rena (wish i made it :c)
    gah finally i get a turn on the computer. stupid sister was on all day.
    IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS NAT OH MY GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH this sucks, you aren't online in the middle of the night. :I
    Oh yeah, I remember talking to you on MSN. Well, you are definitely cool and Um about the whole babies thing, that's just one of my greetings for new friends you see....hehe.. So you can disregard that...unless you'd like to have my babies, though you'd have to compete with Elle first. Haha, just kidding!
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