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  • well i figured you were busy enjoying life or whatever. Lately i've been paying more attention to the forums only because BBS is getting close to a release in Japan. I'm not afraid of spoilers, seeing as i'm generally more of a gameplay experience guy. Any fun those past 2 weeks?
    Haha, that's what i'm like, most of the time i'm bored and just come on here and do nothing, literally. Sometimes i talk shit on other people's profiles, lol.

    You're next by the way, i'm gonna spam this whole place when you'll least expect it.
    but i'll give you some candy :wink:

    I've been good, nothing much going on recently, you? It's nice to see you're still active on here, i thought you would've gotten bored of it again, lol.
    yeah shes so inspirational with her music. personally, i think shes really pretty. :\
    College is somewhat a real life experience, especially since it is optional. You take your first independent step in life, and when you finish that first step, everything is determined by the paths you choose. Be aware that the path you see isn't always the path you should choose. Give yourself an experience of a lot of opportunities.
    That's a good paying job, but i don't think it would be that easy getting into it. As far as you using my "might sound strange" phrase, i don't see anything weird about having a fascination for planes, although i figured ppl who fascinate over aircrafts would rather have an interest in flying, but i guess all fascination lies in different areas. As far as seeing her, i believe she gets off an hour earlier than i do.....so if there's ever a chance hopefully i can build the confidence to say something.
    I work outside the airport on the ramps were we flag the planes, load the cargo, and so forth. Basically i work around planes
    good, and bad. right now i'm having a hard time trying to find a way to talk to this girl i like. She works around the vicinity of my job, and i only see her every once in a while so it's hard to really say anything. She looks at me as if i should say something but i haven't made that leap. If i saw her every day i would say something, but meeting her can be quite random.
    the 50's era was classy and flashy. Of course in those times my fathers wouldn't be so greatly appreciated i would presume.
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