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Recent content by krazyaznsyco

  1. K

    The other person?

    yea, it was xehanort and none of them returned to their original form. it just means they looked like they did before. like, how sora was never retunred back into his original form until he fused back with roxas.
  2. K

    Roxas and Sora

    Re: Roxas and Sra merging i was confused about that too. how did roxas merge with sora if the one he merged with was in a computer world while the real one was left untouched in the pod in the real world.
  3. K

    WHATDAFu..'S OF kh2

    I did not enjoy all of the cutscenes. I specifically didn't like the ones where Sora is exaggerating things like the part at the end and when he and Riku get all sentimental. Its just the way they sounded. Everyone else was okay. Just not Sora, and some others. And there way too many...
  4. K

    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    when i first got mine, i was so happy, but when i looked inside, i was distraught!!! it had weird printing color swirls in some of the pages that was bumpy and the last few pages of the the enemies list were about to fall out. the people who put the book together did a terrible job. i didnt...
  5. K

    Has anyone beat KH2 with Sora having only a three hit combo?

    try beating sephiroth with only a 3 hit combo. and i dont mean equipping "negative combo" asnd than doing a 2 hit combo and an explosion or whatever it is you do. can you beat sephiroth with only a 3 hit regular combo.
  6. K


    i mainly synthesized the good items a lot of times, like the acrisis+ and the ribbon. there was another but it was one of a kind. i only equip the best.
  7. K

    Riku's Kairi

    well, riku's the silent one, so they made him alone. it adds to his character. would you want to see him with a girlfriend or love interest in the game? it would ruin it a little seeing as he is the "lonely one".
  8. K

    world terminus

    yep, it was ansem's laboratory. it was the lab that created the artificial heartless that later, maleficent abused and used it to created hundreds of strong heartless or something like that.
  9. K

    Sora is oriental

    ok if we are gonna question all this, than what are the other people? what is cloud? what is leon? what is tidus? who cares? its like asking what ethnicity is anime? theres no point. they all look the same in anime. even if there are americans or asians in the anime like digimon when...
  10. K

    Did you ever...

    i was a little bit pissed. i mean, kairi hugged him and he barely gave her anything. just a small hug back. not even a smile!!! and yet, when sora "found" riku, he fell down to his knees and was blubbering his guts out. i think i saw him cry for him. i dont care about the situations...
  11. K

    Captain Hook

    you're level 21? shouldnt you be at level 40 or something? level up, you lasy bum, and raise your hp or cp. have some 0 cards. use magic, too. jump when hes throwing his presents.
  12. K

    Roxas is more pure and lighter than Sora

    hey, he attcked sora to see why the keyblade chose him. its not evil if he's doing it for a reason. he wanted sora to win too. to see if hes strong enough to take on the organization. and he attacked sora after he regained his memories so he's half half. and the four hour intro thing was...
  13. K

    Roxas is more pure and lighter than Sora

    yea, i gotta say, i enjoy playing roxas' story more and right now, im trying to level him up as much as possible because i dont want to play as sora. sora's new mode is kind of a downer. i dont like his voice anymore. its not clean. it sounds like he went through some nasty puberty. roxas...
  14. K

    The "Chaser" symbol revealed! (possibly...)

    crown = king = royal = royal knights. they probably fight for good.
  15. K


    you press select and than activate it.