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  • Lol ..which is why I'm making two OC's, so they can help each other most of the time if they get in a fight.
    They are in this generation ..lol, just not as special as they once were. Now if there were three, my OC would be a little surprised to fight one, but with 9 or more he'd just be like "I hope you have something original to bring to the ta-- aaaaand there's the keyblade..fuck.."
    I bet you are, haha. I joined a day or two ago, your the only person I've spoken with, only with some encouraging words.

    There's about nine of them in that roleplay..if they stuck to three it might've made more of an impact.
    You need another character?..I just figured we needed more non-keybladers ..and I need to play someone more violent, not too much though..but this might not start until school starts again, I wonder why Shinra would do that ..when you get homework?..that makes no sense.
    Not much to tell ..I'll write out the bio later on today, basically he's like Valex, only he doesn't mind fighting, and is happy to if it means settling something, whether important or not. Its complicated, and I'm tired, you'll see later. xD
    Do I smell a your-replying-on-your-own-page-and-not-mine-so-I-need-to-keep-checking-yours? LOL.

    It could be ..he's got the more ..aggressive qualities his somebody might've had. Dunno what reason he'd have to help other Nobodies besides Valex.
    The rest are npc's, you can ...use...oh wait..anyone can use them and own them, because EVERY character has to have a bunch of techniques than can obliterate an entire town >.> ..

    Lol ..the nobody and heartless are to be two parts of the same person ..unless the somebody had two nobodies, a rare case..who knows?

    Yuxa can have a partner in crime in the Heartless ...maybe...sorta...xD
    Yeah, hard to read for sure V.V Still debating on my latest OC ..might make him a heartless for certain. XD
    Valex: o_O ....*Hides*

    Haha, exactly my point. But we will need to see about that, my other OC might just find her to be a pest, depending on how you play her. No offense :3 xD
    Eh, its all up to you and Shinra honestly, I liked it just fine, she seems like someone 'fun' to interact with. Valex might be a little uneasy around her, but if I do make my Heartless or Nobody OC, maybe he'd meet her eye to eye. xD
    Hey, your bio looked fine to me in the OOC thread. A little small, but the point was across ^^
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