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    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    -TAV reunion (TAV > RAX; don't @ me) -Master Eraqus reunion with TAV (THE FEELS) -Riku's sacrifice in Keyblade Graveyard -Vanitas getting yeeted out of existence -Aqua's return to the Realm of Light -Aqua's fight with Ansem SOD (it was pretty badass despite her not using a keyblade)...

    Film ► Maleficent

    "Don't ruin my morning..." I wasn't initially expecting to look forward to the movie but now I am lol

    Film ► Maleficent

    Official trailer came out yesterday.

    News ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake?

    I can understand the concern with changing a character's look. But from my perspective, I just don't see how a change in skin color would be so different from the original. Ariel is still a mermaid. She's a different skin color, not a different species. If the roles were reversed, people would...

    News ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake?

    I've been following the Twitter war over their casting decision and it's honestly just disgusting. Some people really blew this out of proportion and made it all about her race and they are hoping for a flop. Keep in mind all of this is over a fish... I don't normally go to the movies and don't...

    The Critical Mode Experience Thread

    Final boss of Monstropolis gave me the biggest headache of all time. My head was about to nearly explode after trying for an hour. Thankfully, Vanitas getting yeeted out of existence made up for it.

    News ► KH3 Critical Mode adds various QOL updates including save carry over, more photo slots

    Excited for critical mode! Will replay the game once I get the chance. However, disappointed from the lack of save slots :/

    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    Imo, it would have created a much better story if she lost the keyblade due to her time venturing so long in the RoD/the depths she traveled/ the darkness growing in her heart (which would make sense for her to lose it due to the keyblade being Eraqus', him being passionate about light) rather...

    Organization XIII At The "Cathedral"

    Vanitas was definitely at the Cathedral with Young Xehanort in the Hunchback world. It was shown in the trailers for the game too. "You are the one who has made your heart a prison... Even if you are not the prisoner." Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEyIPSNFxhM

    Confusion over one point with aqua..

    Well when worlds are lost to darkness, the people don't seem to be taken with them (as seen with Sora on Destiny Islands and Traverse Town). Conversely, when the worlds are restored to light, it would make sense that the people don't get carried with them either(as seen in 0.2). So it would seem...

    Events of the first battle in the Keyblade Graveyard and thereafter

    I've been thinking as to why everyone "just stood there" and let Terranort strike them down. According to the Book of Prophecies, light (or specifically GoL) were "destined" to lose. Thus, it was fated that they could not win at that point. It would explain why Donald and Goofy were the only...

    Who else got emotional when (ending spoilers)

    Meh. I think it was "sad" but I didn't feel a lot emotion over it. There are other scenes in the game that are more emotional than that imo.

    Events of the first battle in the Keyblade Graveyard and thereafter

    Re: Really confused about the first battle of the Keyblade Graveyard? My mindset about it was "Why go through the trouble of adding such a complicated sequence of events but not bother explaining it?" As soon as I set out for the realm of darkness for Aqua, I was instantly hyped. That hype...