• Regarding KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Spoilers

    Copies of KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory are out in the wild, which means spoilers are likely to appear at any point. Although this game has very few cutscenes and story content, we still request that users follow our standard spoiler procedures.

    KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory spoiler policy will end on December 13th, 2020.

    Spoiler threads will need to be tagged with the "Spoiler" prefix. Discussion inside of the thread does not need to be put under spoiler tags, so it is at your discretion to use them.

    Spoilers outside of spoiler threads MUST be hidden using the spoiler tag.

    If you do not follow these rules, your account will be banned.

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  • I do not...

    I just figured that, seeing as I never play 360, it'd be a waste...
    Well, it's good that you're back now!

    Tell me when you can get on WoW again!

    So... aside from the obvious, how've you been?
    You... haven't been on since february?!?!

    What is this travesty?!

    I made a character on Doomhammer, by the way!

    Two, one horde and one alliance, because I don't know which you are...
    I have people from KHI on my fb...and people linked to one person from KHI who's from Saudi Arabia. So I can see it if your mom was my mom.
    It's like this *I'll use me as an example*: "Oh btw my irl name is Amanda" "There's nothing to do in Saint James...." "Rolla...." "Missouri...." If my parents saw all that they'd be like: "We taught you better then that" and I'd be like: "Omg stop being paranoid and be happy I'm actually talking to people my own age!"
    Missouri. *My parents teach me all these internet safety rules yet half of my KHI friends know my first name and/or the State and/or town I live in. lol.*
    Idk....If I can find a Barnes and Nobles near were I live then I'll check it out...after I get a car and a license.
    The battle against Axel could have been worse...

    I don't really like much of the rest of the game, actually... for... well, mostly every reason anyone's ever listed...
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