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  • Hehe, yeah, about Terra. *sees him wandering around The World that Never Was* Skitty's setting you guys up to hunt Terra, and I'm leaning towards having Aqua/Riku and Terra just keep missing each other for a little. Anyway, hoping to have a post up on Traces soon; I've only been working on the stupid thing for two days already... -.-;;
    *hmm* Apocalypse, Traces and now looking at The Keyblade War; we need to get characters interacting together, girl!
    A blind guy can only do so much lol, to stop a girl interested guy only so much. LOL i plan to do a bunch of funny scenes with Ike though there will also be some badd ass ones with him fighting lets just say boy knows how to move and aim like Leon S Kennedy Resident evil style.
    No no no not that for sure he isn't into boys XD only girls and he isn't trying to possess them just get to know them friendlier then most females would like him to lol sadly i doubt he will meet a girl his age lol which means hitting on older women for ike lolz. Nay he's a good kid just hormones kicking in and a sudden interest in girls lol...

    Though he does have have big shoes to fill flirting with girls older is a dangerous game lol. I should know XD
    Thats good its fun to know others enjoy others characters. Also its good because now I just might make Ike go after Kana after this incident in twilight town ends lol beware Kana beware blushing sure to follow XD.

    Ya well now we just have to wait for skitty
    Oh dont you worry XD Ike will try and flirt with Kana to especially since she has a keyblade it will just interest him more to be near her... mwhahaha he's my first attempt at a flirtious type character lets see how he does XD. Beware all female characters of Inception Ike has arrived lolz.

    Just so you know I am going to wait and see if Skitty will post on Chaos before i do if she doesn't by tomorrow Ill just continue from there and set up a new post.
    I loved the post, but Riku was referring to Terra not Sora. I just wanted to clear that up really quick. Sorry about the confusion.
    I gotcha hence why I am keeping Castex glued to the ground at the moment lol nay its okay develops a connection between characters so its fun shows more of the character and the rpers skills not all shines in the flash of combat post lol need to be able to talk to I have learned from my experience.
    And now Aqua gets to meet someone from the second part of the trilogy in Traces lol. Please Vm if you want me to redirect castex somewhere else.
    Hi there~ :D Just here to welcome you to KHI, since I don't know if someone has yet~ So, I wanted to say hi! :D
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