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  • They're not codes, they're romhacks. I will be releasing the hacks as soon as I finish them, they form part of a project I'm working on named KHBBSFM+ which will be an improvement out of the original BBSFM.
    Hey dude. I fangasmed when I seen your photobucket. Seriously. I want to know how you inflated the star seeker to the size of a normal keyblade. When Mickey uses it in battle, it looks so small. Or is the star seeker Ven is wielding just a texture mod? Also, I noticed how it seems you got Vanitas to be playable, is it legit? Will you be releasing these codes? :p
    Just saw 'clash for the crown' on your twitter.Can you provide more info?
    Also,with the dnas_decryptor now available,could you release the Sora mod and the Roxas mod for the final mix?Is it possible also to extract the lightseekers data from the original to the final mix?

    And most importantly did you try and replace other characters with the unversed in the final mix?Like Mickey,Vanitas etc?
    Write me back dude.Thanks
    Hey dude. Did you try the thing to replace the unversed in the illusion techniques with mickey?
    Yes, there are possibilities to play as other characters, but only in FM version. The decrypter will probably take some time to be made, but it will be made, sooner or later.
    But you're like the code master! You're not going to make codes anymore? ;( *cries into hands*
    So there's a good chance characters like mickey and vanitas will be playable? That is so awesome. What about the decrypter you need,do you think the same guy will make it again?how long will it take to translate? It would be totally awesome if you could add the sora clothes and face recolour onto vanitas and give him a kingdom key to wield.
    I'm not really going to make codes, that's what kh-vids is for... If anyone wants to post a thread here about BBS FM translation, I'm okay with it, but since it has to do with "piracy", I doubt they'd allow me to post anything about it.

    And what's stopping is that the main playable characters use some files that stop me from playing as anything else, even trying to replace with things that are supposed to work, they don't. KH BBS FM will fix that problem with Illusion-D commands though... anyways, I'm only interested in translating the game right now, so people can enjoy it.

    Also, yeah, the Kingdom key you might have seen is a retextured Light Seeker I made.
    Sounds complicated :( but would it be possible for you to do alone,the Romhacking I mean? I take it you're going to make a big thread here with all the new final mix codes yes? Is the same person who made the dnas decryptor for the Japanese version not going to make one for the final mix?

    And what is actually stopping you from making mickey playable? I would worship you if you made him playable. Also about the kingdom key (sora's) did you just recolour the kingdom key-d?
    Codes are made from modifying the RAM's content, Romhacking is to mod the actual ISO of the game, permanently. And yes, I can romhack, however, making stuff like that takes time to figure out, it's not as easy as replacing this, putting this there, etc, it requires you to analyze the files' structure, making a program to edit them amongst other things...

    DNAS decryptor is a program with the keys to uncompress BBS1.dat, BBS2.dat and BBS3.dat, which contains the models for in-game characters, maps and events... without it it's impossible to make any kind of mod to the game.

    About Keyblade Graveyard keyblades... I can make them hit, however, I still need to figure out how to make them display effects and play a sound effect when they hit.
    Oh that's a shame.. how long would it take to finish the patch now that you've to start at the very beginning? I'm unsure what a dnas decryptor is,but I'm guessing that it lets you add colours and textures to the game,yes? I'm also guessing a new decryptor has to be made for the final mix too.. what's the difference between Rom hacking and coding? Are you able To Romhack? Is it possible to make a dual wielding ven? And about the keyblade graveyard keyblades can you hit enemies with them? Is it possible to make mickey playable,and add in portrait where ven/Aqua/terra's portrait usually is? And give him a deck with just the pearl spell?because he does actually cast pearl in birth by sleep if you watch him.
    No problem about the questions xD. And no, the patch that I made for japanese version won't work for BBS FM, it has to be remade from the beginning, same as the codes... The Roxas clothing and all those things depend completely on if someone makes a DNAS decryptor for BBS1-3 (I have no idea how to make that.) And yes, it is possible to weild all those keyblades and more, however they need romhacking, it's impossible through codes.
    Oh, I see. It probably won't be too hard, because you already have the patch done, you just need to add in the english to the final mix extras..
    Huh o_0 I don't understand.. anyways will all the original japanese codes work with the final mix,or wil you have to find new ones?Cos I really want that Roxas clothes mod and the Sora clothes mod you and Kousenwolf made.Would it be possible to make an org. 13 coat for Ven?And for the kingdom key(sora's one) did you just recolour the kingdom key-d or make it entirely yourself? :)
    I didn't really get what you were saying about the keyblade graveyard keyblades but hopefully it will be good. Is it possible to wield the star seeker that mickey has? Or even play as mickey?Sorry about all the questions lol.
    Yes, I will be translating BBSFM, I'm already doing the preparations for it. As for the screenshots thingies... well... they are not exactly codes, they form part of something I'm going to do to the game, you'll see when times comes. The BBSFM version will probably include that key and the missing rooms in the USA/EUR versions.
    Hey I seen all those pics you have on photobucket of Ven holding keyblades from the keyblade graveyard amongst other things like the kingdom key, left handed Ven, Xehanorts keyblade etc. Could you give me those codes please?
    Also are you going to work on aN english patch for the final mix?
    And do you think that Square Enix would include lightseeker and certain rooms in the games code in the final mix like there was in the Jap version?Because they were axed in the american and european version....
    Thanks :D
    I've already shared most of what is actually interesting, the rest is junk and unfinished stuff (unfinished as in, model we've seen but without being totally textured, or lacking body parts, etc...). I normally use a hexadecimal editor to extract stuff or I make myself my own programs to do the extraction. If I find something really interesting I'll post it somewhere.
    Just a silly question. I just saw some pics about the... junks in BBS game file that you posted in the topic "New info of BBSFM" (the Daisy or Prekley (?) )

    How can you got those pics out of the file game? I'm relly excited about these things but still not have enough knowlegde to do it. Hope you can share it. :D
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