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  • Alrighty. Thank you. <3 I might have to wait a little longer. Eva hasn't posted yet.
    The Persona RP's post rate is surprisingly fast as of right now. It also looks like my next post will be advancing the story a bit more too. So I was just wondering, will you be posting at least by tomorrow? I don't want to leave you behind.
    I noticed you were so I was wondering if you were going to post in REM. Otherwise I'm going to. I just wanted to ask so there was no need for post edits.
    It's up right now. It'll pretty much follow the story but, with various variations. I would assume that anything that needed by explained can be asked or the wiki is a very big help.
    I'm excited already, I can already see your post is going to be full of intensity. I feel the effort you put into your posts, which is a good thing. People are far too lazy these days.
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