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  • No it has absolutely nothing to do with your keyboard, you never use commas and you always have run-on sentences so stop it. And I think I was probably the first to neg-rep you an I sure as hell won't be the last if you keep it up.
    Yes, that will help. And if English is your native language, then it's pathetic how bad your grammar is, sometimes I don't even know what you are saying. Just try to better yourself, that's all.
    It hurt less coming from me in this manner than it would've once people report you and actions would be taken against you, trust me.
    No, there's no reply from the mod because you replied on your own user page instead of answering him on his. That's how you properly use visitor messages. You leave the message on the other person's page, not your own.
    Also, stop spamming about your KH music vid or what not thread. If it's interesting, people will reply there.
    If it's not and you need to advertise, slap it in your signature.
    Okay sense there's no reply from a mod about this i'll take it as a yes. first i'll check if there already is one though.
    Sorry its just that I was planning to help this other dude find cool stuff to do on the glitch, I REALIZE SOME OTHER THREADS WERE MEANINGLESS BUT THAT THREAD WAS DECENTLY GOOD,hey fine I'll ask permission for this I'll check too but is there a thread about kingdom hearts music vids that people have made if not can I start one. (well first off are you even a mod if not just ignore this lol) though that excuse me makes it pretty obvious you are lol.
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