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  • I wish I was independent. u_u
    Sounds like a good schedule, besides school, to me. xD
    haha I never liked the atmosphere of any school. lol So it's still hard to take in? xD
    Yeah it tends to get that why, that's why you really have to search every section for something to talk about to avoid boredom. It was pretty good! (beat it today)
    I didn't have one till saturday, between special sales and me trading in old psp's and spare ps3's I managed to get it for only 30$ difference.
    xD What are you spectating? That may be a while, it's only recently that we've started to get news so often. I'm fine, been playing gravity rush.
    Welcome to the forums! I probably wouldn't have noticed you if you didn't post anything on the art thread, hehe...Your drawing of Roxas, Axel, and Xion looked pretty great!

    I hope to see more from you soon :3 also...make sure to make friends here @_@ there are really nice people here
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