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  • Express yourself any way you want to. :D Through art, writing, rp-ing, theorizing, or being random. :3 I'm glad you enjoy it here. ^^
    Yeah, but nobody listens to children. They tend to lie a lot and they have silly imaginations. If a child told you there was a monster in his closet, most adults would just think he is being silly and 'investigate' to show the child that he has an over-active imagination.
    Because, nobody wants to question something that they think is childish to exist. So, when in doubt, blame the kids and smack the shit outta them, because they're the only ones that deserve it, because believing in monsters is as childish as believing in fairies. Adults are cruel just like kids can be.
    Yeah, he was. I never watched the Beauty and the Beast third movie. I liked the Christmas special they did.

    Have you ever seen something where the roles between the antagonist and protagonist have their roles switched? I've seen Little Monsters Review by the Nostalgia Critic and the main character played by Fred Savage and a monster named Maurice participate in mean pranks and then the kids get in trouble for it, but when Maurice eats Fred Savage's crush in the movie's homework, he gets mad. The antagonist in the movie just kidnaps Fred Savage's brother and also real life brother, Ben Savage from Boy Meets World. But, Maurice and Fred get Ben back, but end up in California and the issue of their movie parents getting divorced is never resolved. I mean, what do you think is worst having a monster drink your apple juice than replace it with his own piss? And, then you drink it by accident, but end up spitting on the principal or being kidnapped by an anonymous boss-like monster, which is not specified as being the leader.

    And, the kids also get punished and screamed at by their parents due to Maurice's antics such as ear wax in the mayo. Plastic wrap over the toilet. Peanut butter on the fridge and I mean a lot of it. And, crayon graffiti all over the walls with words like caca and poopie and then you're accused of drawing, because Maurice had the nerve to plaster your face with paint. Yet, no adult thinks your sister and you're threatened with "DO YOU WANT TO GO TO MILITARY SCHOOL?!"
    Yeah, he should have been the villain in the first movie than Gastion. He's probably as bad ass as Mozenrath and Maleficent.
    That's what the Creative Media section is for! :D Yeah, one big family. You're welcome to visit the club whenever you like. :) We have cookies! o3o xD Not much is happening right now, everybody's on in the evenings (by my clock, I'm EST).
    That's cool. :D I'm usually in forum insanity (the Roxie and Friends Fan Club mostly). I hang out in there with my pals, and my girlfriend, Kagayaki. :) We just goof off and talk, lol. Oh, traditional art?
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