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  • Yep, Fourteen. :3 Been drawing since I was... Five, I think.

    I actually don't read alot of manga to be honest. Occasionally, I'll read a chapter or two of something and then skip off to something else for a bit. I don't even know how my drawing style got like that. D: If I had to choose a favorite, well, then I couldn't really pick any since I like em' for different reasons.
    Yep. Twas on scraperfoil and it took me a good few months. 8/ NEVER, AGAIN. I cut my finger so many times, it isn't even funny.
    If you look at people's posts, you'll see a buncha green boxes with a number next to them. That's that person's Rep Power. It's calculated based on amount of posts (+1 for every 1000 posts), time spent on the forums (+1 on your anniversary), I THINK one on your b-day, not sure, and rep power - every 100 points you get, your rep power increases.
    And that affects how much you can give around.
    Decrease in rep points is caused due to negative rep. Not everyone'll like what you're posting.
    I did, I did XD; and yes I'm more of an RPG person. Need me my plot.

    Parties, getting drunk, etc. I stayed home because I've classes in a bit though.
    Ah yeah. We have a bit until it's 2010.

    I just made regular white bread and then my boyfriend made this sort of glaze thing to make it like Italian style.
    Ohhh, I never played the one with the added challenges, although I can tell you that the way I beat those windstorms was to equip Zero Gear using Kingdom Key+ (its the most powerful weapon I think), do you have Zero Gear yet?
    Nah, it's cool. Just keep in mind some stuff you can't get until you cleared the game once.
    Riku? Riku you get on day... 194 was it? You get him "via plot" once yet get that day's rank.
    Mickey you get after the end of the game. I think you need to clear all missions at least on the minimal mark.
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