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    Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeUyiMrNkGI IT FEELS SO GREAT TO BE ALIVE TODAY Made this in the last 2 hours so I could jump on the valentines day animation bandwagon. I've got more stuff coming soon so here's the real question ya dingholes, what do you think? DO YOU FEEL GREAT?
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    There And Back Again

    Hello I am Josh and I have returned to the forums from once I came! I used to be apart of this place well before KH2 released in the ancient times of 2004 and then left around 2009 prior to birth by sleep but I have returned like pizza the next day. Have things changed much in the last 4 years?
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    Streaming KH2 playthrough

    If any of you care I am streaming a Kingdom Hearts 2 playthrough on ustream.tv Stream's weak but its still viewable and the audio is rather loud but atleast it has audio since most on ustream don't have audio for capture cards unless its an outside source. Come check me out SolidMetal...
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    Making 8bit-16bit music?

    What would be the best program to make 8bit/16bit(whatever) music? I already have Sony Acid Pro 6.0 and Adobe Audition. What would be your guys best choice? No spam posts. If you want an example of a spam post, just go look at Silh's posts or the general video game section.
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    Name one thing that stands out in this picture

    Try searching for something generally "white." Wow.
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    RECOM FOR ONLY 19.99$ at Circuit City this week!

    Buy the Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories (PlayStation 2) and other PlayStation 2 games at circuitcity.com ja!
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    I need 3 voice actors for a DBZ parody.

    I need some MALE voice actors atleast over the age 16 to play Yamcha Tien Vegeta I am spoofing pretty much this entire video YouTube - DBZ Goku Vs Trunks Remastered HD
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    Macy's Parade got Rick Rolled

    YouTube - Macy's Parade got Rick Rolled Better quality coming soon This was just so epic. I LOVE RICK ROLLING!
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    SE america releasing pattern?

    Ok I don't post in KH section but anyway anyone notice this pattern? KH-2002 KH:COM:2004 KH2:2006 KH:RECOM:2008 alittle weird eh? I know the fact that 358/2 days will probably throw this off or Birth by Sleep but still :D
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    Merry Christmas Drake&Josh

    YouTube - SNEAK PEEK - Merry Christmas Drake and Josh! ^Sneak peek Josh looks like a drug dealer :D
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    Hey kids no money? Har Har

    https://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.10403 :D have fun.
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    Call of Duty World At War Beta

    Who all made it in? I DID!! :D capture card anyone? :3