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  • Oh well I don't see her hair as being very purple, but yeah Saix's is paler.
    yes let the anger fill you up so when you fight you'll beat the liven shit outta that monster you'll succeed and you'll win the game ta da lol
    Don't give up!!!
    don't let some lame monster beat you to a pulp think about your worst enemy
    lol i did with KH and haha i beat the game so do that or just get really mad and you'll beat it XD
    i know but don't let that game mess with you never give up haha i had to try a few times as well and when i learned how to defeat it haha that was awesome just takes a few times and you'll beat it !!^^
    ohh..i did XD
    just try running as fast as you can over there and attack thast what id did i fought my way over there
    oh and make sure you have the best fricken psychs or you'll fail miserably make sure they are mastered use long range and close attacks don't use ones where you need items to attack him or shaking the ground ETC...!!
    oh that huge thing you gotta fight that you have to fight joshua and hanemoka ?

    ohhh ok what i did is i hid behind one of its tentacle thingys preferably on the right and i just attacked the thing like crazy and nothing can attack you there cause you're out of reach and use your special attack thing as many times as you can ,it makes the battle a hell of all faster and easier and just keep attacking it in the little corner there and if one bubble thingy does attack you move for a sec then move back but i never had to do that so yea though just hide preferably on the right i think it was the 1st tentacle thing and you should be able not to get harmed.
    no you just mentioned "another side" i had no idea what game youre talking about until you said hanemoka
    can you refresh what was happening in the game exactly at that point and i'll probably be able to give a specific battle thing advice yea XD
    all i really did if i think we are talking about the same thing i used the best pschcs (sp?)or if it isn't that i used whatever brand i can only use and took the best pschcs of that brand i had and just attacked him like crazy lol
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