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  • what the hell are you talkin about this is like the third wall post i am gettin from you
    Just letting you know.
    Zettai in the FF vs KH thread isn't serious. He's being sarcastic and ironic because that's how everyone else is acting.
    Stop your spamming. If you have nothing constructive to contribute to the thread, do not post in it.

    If you can't bypass the 25 character rule without having to make it unsightly (people using the black skin, a fair few, are going to see how very obvious it is you fail at bypassing it), don't do it at all. It's not hard to make your posts twenty-five characters long. If you can't even be bothered to make it that long, don't post at all.

    If you continue spamming, you're going to get an infraction. If you continue, more infractions will lead to a ban.
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