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  • I'm pretty sure its not banned, though you still would have to ask. It's glaceon's only ability, you can't control that.
    Just because I look online doesn't mean I am. I just leave my computer on all day, so as long as I have KHI open I'll look online.

    Anyway, I'm really busy today so I won't be able to do the battle.
    Your glaceons snow cloak raises evasion in hail, but only as much as one double team, so I was just really unlucky there
    haha sorry I didn't respond. ^_^;

    but yeah gg. my forte is doubles ssooooo yeeahh.
    Remember though, Lv 100 Doubles, No hax items, species clause, OHKO clause, sleep clause, evasion clause, and no Ubers.

    okay. give me your fc ;]

    here's mine: 2493 4807 0745
    hey, i'll have a double battle with ya. you have my plat fc right?

    i have a fc of yours, let me know if you're using a different game or something.
    That is correct :> No garchomp, Wynaut, Wobbuffet or Salamance (and of course, no legendary ubers either)

    The only reason I was using Garchomp on my Gym Leader team is because there are only 6 fully evolved dragon type pokemon... Altaria, Kingdra, Dragonite, Flygon, Salamance, and Garchomp. And since my team must compose of 6 pokemon, I'm obviously going to be stuck with Garchomp or Salamance somewhere on my team. I asked Cloud about it and he said it was OK to have Garchomp and Salamance. However, I DON'T use Garchomp or Salamance outside of gym leader battles at all.

    My gym leader battles and my normal wifi battles follow two separate set of rules, as similar as they are.
    Well, I won't be able to battle tonight, but We'll go with these rules: Lv 100 Doubles, No hax items, species clause, OHKO clause, sleep clause, evasion clause, and no Ubers.
    I'm not able to battle right now, actually, and I won't for another 2 hours at the least. But whenever I'm available, sure, I'll battle you :3
    Well, actually flygons are slow as hell. I just gave mine a choice scarf :D

    Idk, My team doesn't have a very good ice defense, believe it or not. So You probably would have won lol.

    I <3 your Slowking, man. It was awesome. You should give it nasty plot.
    Sorry about that Garchomp there, it was either that or Salamance XD

    Even if you did KO me with Alakazam there, I was gonne revenge kill you with Flygon's U-Turn

    Good game, very fun battle :3
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