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  • XD thanks again

    i already got a shit load of names ready, i am just counting down time until my name is red and signifies my name changing freedom.

    ooo but i like your name. although its hard to type, its the shiz. your new one sounds cool too tho. i like em both, but if you had to change it, i like the one you picked out
    My little kitten is so scared of me. Has anyone else seen any of the funny stuff I posted in on the You're BANNED game? I thought they were funny as hell.
    why thanks
    but i am very unphotogenic (sp?)
    i noticed! congrats on being plat! YAY! i am kinda close, i just dont post as much as i used to. but i am wanting a name change badly
    OMGosh. I just looked at the first post and burst out laughing.
    No, REALLY? Some people. Gosh. XDDD

    Yeah, it is really weird.
    Ha. Nope, I'll have to check it out.

    I don't know. Some of the mods are never online.
    Yeah. I go on threads and think "why haven't the mods gotten around to closing this?...". I swear, I could've closed around six so far today. Ehh. Makes me wish I was a mod.

    She just doesn't deserve it. There are far more qualified people.
    I've always sort of wanted to be one. But, eh.
    I could see myself moderating the Performing Arts section. But nobody posts there anyway, and there are already plenty of mods. Either that, or KH.

    It'll be interesting to see how it goes.
    Don't cry, lol. It'll all work out.
    Aw. Thanks. :3

    I don't hate her. But I certainly don't like her.
    Were you there when Manchester quit and she went on a big tirade about how it's a joke and how the world was gonna end?

    She's just...

    not all that bright.
    Silh always does jokey-things. So, yeah, I hope so.

    It's not selfish. I mean, it's Star Light. Hated by millions.
    A deaf slug with a missing feeler and down-syndrome could do better than her.
    And you're definitely more active. And smarter, etc..

    And, no, I would not reccomend nega-ing Silh. xD
    It's just a joke, I hope.
    I mean, I think Silh will de-mod her, soon. I dunno. D:

    I think that there were far more qualified people.
    *the rest of KHI*
    Oh my gosh, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you until now! I's been kinda busy ^^;
    I've been fairly good, just went to a pumpkin patch on Friday. How about you?
    I don't think anyone'll be surprised he'll have a redbox after that thread :\
    well, I did negarep him XD
    I hate people that get into the help and support section and start talking trash :\ like, this is NOT the way to make yourself appear as the better man p=p;
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