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  • I just read the reply about your Axel figurine. Man those org members must spend exorbitant amounts of munny on Gold Bond and antiperspirant with all the layers of leather they tote on their flesh. xD
    Hey, I'm the one who started the thread about Axel's death, and you seem to know a lot about the KH2 novels; you even mentioned translations. I was wondering if you have any links - that would be awesome.
    Lolz. I've wanted to be able to read those novels for so long
    That was your WMG? Awesome, I had a feeling whoever wrote it would be on here...
    Anyways, sorry if I made it sound like it was my idea ._. I didn't mean to make it seem like that or something.

    want me to edit you in and credit it to you? :eek:
    hey i just noticed something! your username is my real name spelled backwards! XD lol thats funny. its an awesome username though
    I never said people can't interpret SoKai or RiKai from the games. Perish the thought.
    I just can't see it for the life of me. :p And believe me I tried giving her a chance, but when she goes from "Riku'll be fine despite not being here for a year" to "zomg I remember Sora and now waiting isn't good enough", sorry, she's not a girl I can like.
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