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  • Which mushrooms are you stuck on then? The one at Yen Sids tower gave me the most trouble. I only won it by luck. I know that I will never do them again though.
    I found Roxas and Xemnas the easiest even though they are supposed to be the strongest. lol

    I laughed my ass off at this today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMq-FyDBeBA
    That's good it has cleared up then. Ready for work? lol

    Then play more 2.5 if you can. It is best to rank the games after you have played them all.

    How it used to be was horrible but at times funny. Some flamings back then was of someone being an ass and everyone coming to the defense of the person being attacked.

    I hope it doesn't take to the end of the game personally. I want every saved so we can finally be done with Xehanort.

    How are you doing today btw? :smile:
    I finally finished all the data battles and Olympus tournaments. The only fun fight for me was Xemnas. He is supposed the be the strongest nobody but he is the easiest boss to me. lol
    I finally saw Durarara season 2 as well!
    Thanks for the agreement in that vessels thread. TnT
    Also check this out: Link Rogue Unity by Jon-Lock on DeviantArt
    That's okay. I just didn't want to miss any or your messages is all or for you to think I wasn't answering. :smile:

    I didn't eyes got infected with anything besides pink eye. :eek:
    Does it take a long time to get rid of the infection?

    I did too. :biggrin: BBS is my second favorite behind KH1.

    I have been reading a couple big discussions and I get the feel from most that it is usually "I'm right, your wrong". A big departure from the old days here. But to be fair it isn't as hostile here as it used to be.

    Exactly! I don't think Terra's body even matters anymore. Xehanort/Xemnas can have it. lol
    They have to save Roxas, Namine and Xion somehow right? They do not exactly have bodies to go back to either. Sora could just save Terra the same way he does them.

    haha I am afraid I don't. Like I said in that one thread I don't follow all the interviews and junk. Trying to keep up with it all just reminds me of how big a web the story has turned into. I can only still enjoy it if I just go with the flow.
    I did find someone with a lot of theories but it looks like they are gone now: http://forums.khinsider.com/search.php?searchid=36532
    What is that? Just sinus stuff? My sinus' have been a pain for days now. Been taking Robitussin. >_< I hate it.
    Is that good or bad to be off till your better? What is healthcare like?

    How are you like BBS then? :smile:

    Ugh That thread gave me a headache. The forum is so different now. Back in the day you could say things like that and not get into a big discussion.
    Thanks. I think it is possible Terra is in Riku as well. Nothing that guy says is impossible but I think Terra>Riku would be more of a twist than some not-so-drama-moment with Terra being under a hood.

    haha Maybe not! In my old days here two big theories was that Terra turns Xehanort and Ven ends up in Sora. Those came true. lol

    EDIT: Also sorry if the reply was late. I didn't notice it cause it was posted on your profile instead of mine. :eek:
    No, nothing too serious. Just conjunctivitus. But since I work in healthcare I can't go back until its cleared up!

    Well done on the games! I'm still getting through 2.5! Though I'm playing through BBS for the first time.

    By the way, I'm following the conversation o the 13 vessels of darkness thread you are posting in. Some interesting points there. I do think its possible Terra's heart is inside Riku, the remnant left inside him from Ansem's possession of him. I also think, if Terra is one of the 13 darknesses, it will be a time-travel version of him, rather then a present form. I think potentially Terra's physical body is in the realm of darkness and they find it when they find Aqua but his heart is in Riku.

    I have my own theories on how the final battle of KH3 will role out but I suspect I am way off!
    Your sick? It isn't nothing serious I hope. :frown:
    haha I'd love a day off work right now.

    I am fine. I finally got around to beating the pokemon league in Omega Ruby. lol
    I am also trying to finish the Nozaki-kun anime I heard about so I can move onto Durarara season 2.
    I'm ok. I'm ill at the moment, off sick from work too which is a pain! Yourself?
    Hmm just a random feeling I guess. You seem like a nice person to talk to. :biggrin:
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