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  • I did a time zone conversion for us Brit's for the 2.8 trailer. It'll come out at 1:00pm tomorrow afternoon.
    That's the best thing I liked was the Riku addition and difference in play styles. I agree they need DDD an chi port ReMix. PS4 will probably be my next console too. I'm waiting to see if they'll reveal a slim model, but since DB Xenoverse is released and SWBattlefront, Uncharted 4 upcoming I'm not entirely sure..
    CoM is fun to me with it's unique gameplay. Still working on the card collecting though lol. Yeah those are the only two in the ReMixes with Critical difficulty. Re:Coded and DDD have Critical too if you plan on playing the DS games.
    Now if only it would come out! xD
    A good strategy for all bosses; get renewal gaurd. Just buy a spare barrier and meld it with a esuna.
    I already have a PS4. Took a great deal of saving and several trade-ins but yeah. The secret bosses have simple strategies online. Like Vanitas Remnant has two that I know of. The cheap way of using the rock and the proper way of using mine squares.
    The Mysterious Figure is stunned by thunder surges. Most of the arena bosses can be stunned with triple firagas.
    I'm hoping for PS4 ports of all the games personally. KH is the only thing making me keep the PS3. lol
    I did it! I finished the Arena! All that's left is one final battle with Xehanort's Armor....it's proving difficult. I wouldn't say as hard as Mysterious Figure but he's proving a handful.
    Yeah you have to complete all stories I believe. Even Final and Secret.
    You were wise then. lol The psp a and the vita were flops.
    I only have one more arena level to go till I'm done.
    Is ice cream beat easier than it was on the psp?
    I'm going to finish all the Arena as Aqua. I'll decide what's next after that.
    I did it!!! I just had to dodge and spam shot locks and I won! :biggrin: Don't worry Eraqus is easier than the other extra bosses. Not sure about the No Heart yet.
    I thought you just had to get the Journal but I'm not to sure. There are a few people posting pictures of 100% in the 2.5 "how are you enjoying it?" Thread. Ask them to be sure. =]
    He has one Attack that is a pain. Besides that he's easier than Vanitas Remnant or Mysterious Figure.
    I hate that mini game so much. x[
    I seee. Hopefully the discussion doesn't get derailed by Samhain then. I had to add him to ignore list so I can't see his posts of stupidity.
    So what have you been up to lately?
    I meant making a thread of your own with some theory on possession if ya have one. =p
    Pssh I don't think you need to worry to much. The only issue member that seems to be around is Samhain. So post as many as you can. :smile:
    Your making theories so I figured you'd enjoy this: Gram's Corner
    It's a tumblr I found monday. The guy has several theories on it. They're a too long for me though. haha
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