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  • Hey halfmango, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I hope you're doing well!

    And I'm sorry for not responding to you sooner. </3 I don't know about you, but it's definitely not warm in Kansa anymore. xD (I actually live in Michigan.) Anyways, it's amazing how much time flies every year. It's definitely cold and snowy out by me. In the meantime, I hope you're keeping warm, now that it's December. And that's really amazing you can play both the electric and acoustic violin. I know it's said to be a hard instrument.

    I can't remember if I ever got back to you on this but, I think your second idea for a story sounds really cool. If I had to pick, probably the second one first. Although, I like the concept of a darker story with your first idea a lot too. It's definitely a hard decision, when it comes to picking something to write about with tons of great ideas. xD And again, really sorry for the lateness in reply.
    That's a relief.
    Alright, I gotcha now. In any case, I hope you enjoy going to germany someday. =3
    Wow. I'm impressed you know how to play the violin! :O 14 years is a long time to dedicate yourself to playing an instrument! And that's amazing, you two working together to make the instrumental music and lyrics go together in harmony. Do you play the electric or acoustic violin?

    No kidding. Summer will be over before either of us knows it. xD The 4th of July is usually spent lighting up fireworks and having barbecues with friends and family. Sometimes people light up fire crackers or sparklers too. Although, fireworks can be really expensive. And the reason why we celebrate this day each year is because, it was when the thirteen colonies that settled here claimed Independence from England in the USA.

    Your welcome! I'm happy to give you an opinion about what story you write next. I'm excited either way. <3
    Did your VISA to go live in germany go through yet? Did you take the test yet? Does this mean you're fluent in german? I didn't know you had to take a test to live in another country. :3 And that sounds wicked awesome! I didn't know you made song lyrics. Do you play an instrument too? (Sorry for getting a bit late in replying on your VM btw.)

    I'm mostly good, excited for the 4th of July, cause of the fireworks. I've been juggling household work with gardening atop of reading stories that update on here, and writing my own stories, when I'm not burnt out from everything else. xD
    Even so, it's still acceptable in my section. xD It's only anywhere else on the forum that you'd be scolded for! Lol. Either way, thanks for being respectful about it in general.
    Any time! I'm getting to it right now, since I didn't get a chance to last night. Can't wait to see what you've got brewing!

    And how've you been doing lately, halfmango? :)
    Hey, I wanted to let you know it's alright to double post in your own thread. I'll get to reading your latest chapters sometime today or tomorrow. :3
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