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  • How hard have you looked? They've been stickied at the top of the KH3D section xD
    There's actually a ton of drama going on behind the scenes right now. Same old, same old. Just hoping it'd faze out sooner than later because it's just a waste of time and energy.

    So what's up with you right now? :3
    Hahaha, GIRL Guy In Real Life, lmao
    Yea if anyone gives shit i just ignore it haha, im a pretty mellow dude, no need for Drama especially here... its dumb
    I know that feeling, haha. "Everyone is a guy until proven a girl." Now I just look at the symbol under the profiles if there is one, even if it turns out that a person intentionally chose the opposite one for the lulz.

    That's what we're aiming for! If you ever have any problems with anyone or anything, you know you're always free to mention it to one of us. Don't let your voice go unheard!
    Well, we're not really the head honchos, haha. Everyone you see with an orange name helps manage the main site, but we're typically the ones hanging around the KH sections and chatting with everyone.

    Glad to get the chance to know you too!

    If you only knew the half of it. Thankfully, the ones with poorer attitudes typically don't stick around places most members hang out. I'm really thankful for that. After all, it's only fair you guys get to be in a warm welcoming environment, right? :D
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