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  • No problem, Gil.

    I love asking people's opinions and advice because it always makes me feel like I'm not acting irrationally. It's just comforting.
    Yeah they talk about how God isn't real and they have no proof. They are wasting their lives trying to stop Christians. It like they have no lives so they must harass Christians for fun. You would think that after many years of Christianity, us outnumbering them by millions they would realize that they are fighting a losing battle. And instead of focusing their priorities on the problems of this world they spend it on trying to do the impossible and "disprove" our faith. What a waste.
    Well when I was arguing with atheists in the religion topics many times I never saw you there that why I didn't know.
    Pffft, it would fail horribly.

    spdude closed my old one, as the thread was taking up too much space,
    and after that I couldn't really be bothered. Besides I haven't done anything praiseworthy.

    I'm kind of just content catching up with some KHI love every now and then from just catching up with friends and so on.
    Awww, you MADE MY DAY.

    It's 18 mins past midnight, so there's a fair bit to go, but you're very sweet, nevertheless.

    And you're one of the best things about this forum, because you inject it with so much life through your general friendliness/craziness/creativity - however you want to label it, and of course, the videos.

    So stay cool.
    D: What have you done?


    I expect it to die soon anyways. xD So no harm done. =D
    Blonde. You're so weird Gil.

    OOH!!! I think I might know a song you could do. It's called Corner of the Sky from the musical Pippin. It and Magic to Do are amazing!! My school is doing the musical this year, and the choirs are doing the two songs for the concert. It'd be awesomeness if you put your voice to either of the songs!!
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