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    Nicole And Seungyeun

    I had to use a different image uploader than my normal. Is anyone else having unknown errors uploading to photobucket? Nicole Jung Seungyuen *edit: Accidentally forgot the and between the two names in the title of the forum post.
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    Trying something else besides pastel colors.
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    This is my first tag in a while.
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    Here's a lp that I did to use as a resource for a tag I was working on.
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    Background Prototype

    Well, it's still in the development stages, but it's for a game that me and my classmates in my programming group and was wondering any advice on what I could do. It can't be too complex due to the simplicity of the game so we don't want anything that'd conflict too much in the art part. I...
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    This counts as stockless right? v2
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    Kingdom Hearts Tags

    I don't know, but for some reason I'm not entirely satisfied how these turned out, yet can't figure out what needs to be done to fix them. Sora-i tried entering this in the sotw Aqua Cropped version-for no real apparent reason except to hide some parts I didn't particularly like much in the...
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    Nina Wong

    I think my style is probably getting to repetitive since I've been using this style really often recently.
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    Main character

    One of my favorite Disgaea characters, unfortunately I can't find many stocks of her.
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    I'm not sure, it feels complete, though somewhat empty on the top left. I was thinking of dropping this off at the trash can to see what others might try working with it, but I have a layer on grain merge which is a problem with a psd.
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    I'm not entirely sure which stocks I can't use that come from photobucket, but if it's one I am not allowed to use, then I'll remove it. I don't tend to use real person tags. Taeyeon text version Taeyeon textless version Did some sharpening on the stock and removed the layer that seemed to...
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    it was a WIP when i first saved it. Feels empty on left, but don't know what to add to it. v2
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    weaksaucetag.png and purpleTag.png

    I don't have a particular naming convention, unless I'm already far enough into the tag that I have a vague idea on what to name it. This naming convention leads to some random names. The second one was an example of having a vague idea while the first was just naming...felt like I've over...
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    Jo and Konata

    I made a 3rd version of that burst angel tag. I tried a smudging based tag again. I don't particularly like it. Smudge Konata I tried small smudging after pentooling a lot. Colorful Konata Version without filters/smudging over pentooling and tad more splatter Shana tag (more smudging, like...